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Can't join 3D polylines (I've tried every suggestion I could find)


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I've been given a design file for a terrace which consists of thousands of individual lines and polylines which I would like to merge into continuous 3D polylines (They need to remain 3D).


They appear end to end, I've tried all the tips I could find (including mapclean in civil3D) and nothing is working for me. The only thing that I've noticed is that the elevations seem a bit funky in the properties dialog when you click on some of the lines (ID inspect and 3D view looks fine).


I was wondering if anyone could have a look and potentially help me out with what I'm doing wrong.


Any help would be appreciated, cheers. 

Terrace Example.dwg

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4 minutes ago, BIGAL said:

I just typed "Join" and appeared to work.

Hi Bigal,


So you're telling me when you select all the lines and run the join command you end up with 12 polylines? The best I get is the bottom alignment being partially complete. Most of the lines don't join at all.

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I used Bricscad and just did Join and selected all line work. There is a fuzz setting mine may be different will try to find it.


"PEDIT command>Multiple>select entities>Join>Fuzz Factor.... HELP explains
the PEDIT command structure, you can review it for tips and ideas."




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Same here, 'Join', select all, and they all join.


What version of CAD are you running and are there any error messages? I am on 2022, all good.

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How are you selecting the 3D Plines?


They all join here. I first did the JOIN>ALL>Enter, then I used a left-to-right window to select them all, then I used a right-to-left window to select them all, I ended up with 12 3D Plines all methods.

Terrace Example SLW210.dwg

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I appreciate the help guys. I'm running Autocad 2022 and Civil 3D and had the same issue on both. I had a random breakthrough where it randomly worked yesterday (I didn't do anything different, just selected everything and ran JOIN). I've tried to do it again now and it doesn't work. PEDIT doesn't give me the option to join when I select them all either. Not sure what the root cause of the issue is.



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