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  1. Get coordinate of polyline by VBA
  2. New Acad VBA
  3. Auto cad --> excel
  4. Select block in Autocad and read attribute(VBA)
  5. Inserting Blocks with VBA...
  6. VBA code for length of selected line
  7. How to Merge two raster images without IIMERGE
  8. vba auto fill drawing register - any thoughts?
  9. VBA SaveAS Run-time error '-2145320861...
  10. Pick Entity to get it's Layer Name?
  11. getting 3dSolid Box properties using VBA...
  12. VBA Create a polyline through overall perimeter of selected objects
  13. Add Dimensions to Polyline in VBA
  14. Selection sets in vb.net
  15. Attached: VBA application for drawing ducts and pipes
  16. Load AutoCAD in VB.NET 'Cannot create ActiveX component.'
  17. No command prompt after background (VBA) call
  18. Inserting blocks with VBA
  19. Search and Replace Drawing VBA routine?
  20. vb.net Imports
  21. VB.NET etc.
  22. autolisp var to VBA text box?
  23. VB.NET beginner problem
  24. VBA how to prevent pop-up windows when opening or closing a file?
  25. How to find object in the drawing(VBA)
  26. visual basic snapping
  27. Fatal Error - DBX Cas 3 when saving and closing drawing
  28. VB.NET - Export to DXF Help (Revit)
  29. VB.NET out of process AUTOCAD
  30. Length of Polyline - ObjectARX
  31. Enable or disable a macro with VBA
  32. Burst in VBA
  33. assign color to line vb.net with interop
  34. I am surprised not to see more acad .net programming info?
  35. road curve design using vba
  36. VBA - working with group codes - need some help
  37. VBA - Attributes using old tag when exploded
  38. On Python for autocad
  39. "activex server returned an error" - invalid index.
  40. COM error with AutoCad 2010
  41. Remove password from VBA project
  42. Acad & VB.Net how can I change the 2D plan view to a Iso?
  43. NET and Autocad. How to load script from net app?
  44. inside in which 3dface
  45. Making VBA programs run by Hot Keys or menus
  46. Anyone know the Winsock activeX object name?
  47. Removing Layout Tab via VBA
  48. Running a lisp Command from VBA with a pause
  49. Help with VBA getPoint and Line
  50. Autocad VBA Macro Button toolbar-how?
  51. VBA how can I set the layer for a Line/Circle etc?
  52. How to draw a linear dimension in Acad with VBA?
  53. VB.Net Code to Read a CSV Point File (Tutorial)
  54. .NET - Find COG of linear elements
  55. changed drawing, but unchanged focus
  56. VB .Net - SelectionFilters
  57. usage of .NET for AutoCad
  58. VB .Net - 2011 & Ribbons
  59. Extrude a Region - Need some help on this one.
  60. Working with huge amount of items.
  61. How to get the real text height from the selection?
  62. How to extract values from an inserted OLE exel sheet using VBA??
  63. Code Posting Guidelines
  64. decimal turning into comma? vba
  65. Need some advice for extracting a face of a 3Dsolid in .Net 2005 and acad 2008?
  66. Plotting Specific Paper Sizes VBA
  67. obj file in vbnet
  68. Creating Line at an angle
  69. AutoCAD MEP 2008 Unable to load a DVB file
  70. Auto Cad 2009 Export BMP
  71. Reading text from specific text blocks
  72. How to insert block with vba???
  73. automation error
  74. Starting Lisp
  75. Zoom Window Error What i am doing wrong??
  76. VBA for Autocad book - any suggestion?
  77. Using VBA to find and replace text
  78. AutoCAD VBA Upgradation
  79. Using one block to make multiple unique objects
  80. Vba/ selectionset filter problem..
  81. Can VBA be used to Rename a Layout Tab?
  82. VBA CODE ERROR / New collection problem..
  83. get an AcadPolyline out of the AcadBlockRef.Exlplode array
  84. Setting up some kind of security for my .net autocad api application
  85. AutoCAD Civil 3D - Create Numbering Counter For Point of Intersection (IP)
  86. Revision Clouds
  87. VBA spline with variable amount of points
  88. How would you approach this? Preparing drawings - split tabs, bind XREFS etc.
  89. Convert lisp file to vba
  90. question about .net
  91. AutoCAD VBA - Object was Erased error when binding xref's
  92. access to objects in a block reference
  93. AutoCAD 2009 LT vba compatability
  94. Create a Rectangle around Text
  95. VB.Net
  96. Dividing a polyline
  97. Points along a lwpoly arc
  98. Failed to load project from the storage
  99. Justifying text in VBA
  100. Finding a title block name and referring to it in VBA AutoCad
  101. Incorrect block insertion point
  102. How to get MText from AcDbMText
  103. rectangular array with angle of array option
  104. Using VBA to window crossing to erase objects.
  105. Getting the last command typed from AutoCAD via .NET program
  106. Trying to rename a block before Reinserting in VBA?
  107. Can you insert an exploded block autocad vba
  108. Issue looping through my cad files
  109. Using the GetSplitCurves(Point3dCollection) method
  110. Purge all unreferenced blocks with AutoCAD VBA.
  111. Creating a specific selection set via vba - need help
  112. Multiple Paper Space Layouts, Multiple Views and only One ViewPort in VB.NET
  113. Batch Inserting Blocks with VBA Hangs up on second drawing?
  114. Selectionset help required - building a selection set form a listbox selection
  115. Rotating text
  116. StartUp parameter
  117. Topo VlexC
  118. Need a VBA Help
  119. .Import equivalent?
  120. .PC3 files & related setting
  121. user form focus
  122. Again on Selection Set
  123. annoying pop-up with DLL.
  124. Creating a Multi File Selection Tool using File Common Dialog with VBA
  125. Passing data to VBA from the AutoCAD command line
  126. DraftSight
  127. Display overwrite alert when saving an ASCII file
  128. Autocad VBA program to add AcadBlock Name into Layer List
  129. ObjectARX 2007
  130. AutoCAD 2010 VBA
  131. How to using existing autocad command bpoly ? (vba) or (net)
  132. VB.Net Programming Book for AutoCad Customization
  133. Is there a way to change Exploded Tags to Text?
  135. Region Inside an other Region
  136. VB.Net/ VBA: Reading Coordinates of Lines drawn in AutoCAD 2005
  137. DVB project is loaded incompletely on Bricscad Pro v10
  138. AutoCAD VBA
  139. Plot Stamp Messages
  140. code to insert dynamic block
  141. Change layer transparency in AutoCAD 2011
  142. Autolisp or .net
  143. Changing the Default Directory for AutoCAD "Open" command?
  144. Anyone know what "\x03\x03" is ??
  145. Reference Blocks on different layers
  146. Explode block with polyline
  147. Ctrl Key
  148. About ActiveSelectionSet
  149. Selection Set with filtertype 10,20 and 30
  150. Using VBA to export a Pdf File from AutoCAD
  151. Intelli cad
  152. VBA ENABLER Autocad Electric 2011 tools
  153. vba function
  154. Problem when updating user parameters on dynamic block - 2010 gui not updated
  155. Returning Object Data in Range Query
  156. Editing Tables
  157. VB.Net Forms in AutoCAD? Anyone?
  158. insert a formula in the block attribute value via vba
  159. What space is the drawing save as. Model or Paper? AutoCAD VBA
  160. Autocad error/warning messages
  161. JAVA code to VBA
  162. Legacy Tool Modification
  163. .Net function
  164. Export solid properties to Excel?
  165. VBA program to pick an attribute in a multi attribute block
  166. Selection
  167. convert Result buffer to arrays
  168. Break polyline in VBA
  169. VBA error with customization
  170. Alternative coordinate declaration VB
  171. VBA UCS problem - draw line / 3dpolyline
  172. Feet Inches to metric
  173. VB.NET Template for AutoCAD Issues
  174. Batch update "REFERENCE NAME" in Xrefs
  175. Tool for cabel list, export Atrribute from ACAD to Excel with zoom an "live" edit
  176. Moving data from Excel Spread Sheet data to AutoCAD drawings w/ Fields or Attributes?
  177. Create layers and change style in VBA
  178. [VBA]Create custom paper for plot
  179. Selecting all Dimensions and changing Dim Style
  180. [.NET] Getting a block name
  181. Blocks in XRef
  182. VBA - Updating changes made to Attributes
  183. Using Each elem In ThisDrawing.ModelSpace to search a complete drawing
  184. Visual Studio | Express vs. Professional
  185. Get the COM object for AutoCAD 2011
  186. Visual Basic 2010 Express - Compile Using .NET 3.5?
  187. Count the number of different values in 8 textbox
  188. How to export(X,Y,Z) of a point to a text file? or read them in vb.net ?
  189. create an array which varies according to an index
  190. Civil 3D Settings Errors
  191. Is there a way to test for a valid drawing file neme before openning a drawing in VBA
  192. Can AutoCAD VBA control or change a custom AutoCAD Fields?
  193. vba extract atributes
  194. vb.net basics
  195. Extending AutoCAD
  196. XML to DXF format
  197. [VBA/Autocad]The shortest distance between two lines
  198. Placing a partical Block Attribute Value in a Field?
  199. Point in polygon VBA
  200. New to VBA - Global attribute edit
  201. Can a Diesel Expression in a field be updated.
  202. how to get objects from Layer using c#
  203. Starting VBA or VB.NET
  204. Plot Previous in VBA
  205. DWF Viewer
  206. VBA compatibilty issue
  207. Can VBA load a lisp routine and use it?
  208. Zoom Extents
  209. Can fields retrieve attribute values form reinserted block references??
  210. Dimensioning - Associative??
  211. Changing Font in Cells of AutoCAD Tables
  212. Getting attribute count from an AutoCAD Block
  213. Dimensioning polylines
  214. I'm looking for VB.NET code to get layer viewport overrides
  215. VB.Net version of VPlayerOff - need Xdata help
  216. .NCP to .DFX or .DWG
  217. Open .dwg files from combobox with AutoCAD 2010 VBA
  218. Little help to offset a line
  219. How to scale a block insert with VBA to AutoCad PaperSpace
  220. Import dwg as a new block definition (c#.net)
  221. [VBA AUTOCAD]Create a loop with variable selectionset
  222. AutoCAD VBA FIND/search Routine?
  223. Distance and azimuth between vertices of a polyline in c#
  224. Differentiating Beam tags
  225. block with sendcommand
  226. ARX applications in various operating systems
  227. AutoCAD VBA Getting attributes when in a class module
  228. Create selectionset with active selection (in VBA)
  229. Integrate an activeX in vb.net and open a dwg inside
  230. How do i get block reference from dwg?
  231. SQL to VB.net
  232. VB.net training or seminars
  233. Scripting for AutoCAD
  234. Rotating hour glass cursor
  235. Global values?
  236. Line type load ok in 2011 not in 2012
  237. Activate autocad window without closing the macro
  238. Net referances Autodesk.AutoCAD.Interop on Sharp Develop Portable Net editor?
  239. Need Help to modify dimension variables
  240. VBA - 'Splinedit' equivalent?
  241. VBA Electrical Single Line Diagram linked via excel
  242. VBA Get Properties of Entity
  243. read field expression of an attribute
  244. access attribute by tag name?
  245. Visual Studio 2010 with Windows 7 64 Bit "... project creation failed"
  246. Debugging Autocad with c# .net and vs2010 or 2008
  247. Which version of Visual C to start ARX?
  248. Windows Form in ARX
  249. Resource Hacker Access Violation | acadres.dll (Civil 3D 2011)
  250. App Store