View Full Version : how to remove dynamic block's frame ?

27th Jan 2012, 08:39 pm
hey guys,
i have a dwg file, it has so many x-refs. And x-refs has so many dynamic blocks.
As you know there is a frame around the dynamic block objets. But i have many many rectangles-frames that i want to remove..

I thought that if i set it's colour to black, i could ged rid off to see this ridiculously big frames. But i couldn't.

So what is your suggestions please, thanks all.

27th Jan 2012, 08:41 pm
I don't understand what you mean about the dynamic block having a frame. Could you post a file or a screen shot of what you are seeing?

27th Jan 2012, 09:08 pm
I've never seen that either. Posting a file would help a lot.

27th Jan 2012, 09:25 pm
Post a drawing with a dynamic block showing this behaviour.

28th Jan 2012, 09:15 am
check out the attachment, sorry i should have do this first, thanks a lot guys.

28th Jan 2012, 11:15 am
command is FRAME. and make your selection to hide frames between 0-2.

30th Jan 2012, 06:22 pm
You must have an image of some sort incorporated into your dynamic block. Dynamic blocks don't have frames.

1st Aug 2012, 04:00 pm
Has anyone found out how to get rid of these frames? I have the same issue and it makes my autocad run slow. I actually had to go back to using release 10 to be able to manage file.
Any help would be greatful.

1st Aug 2012, 04:16 pm
Yes, Cios was right. Enter the command FRAME, and set the system variable to something else. 0 if you want them gone all together.

1st Aug 2012, 04:34 pm
resullins...thanks for your quick reply.
I have set "Frame" to "0" and it does make the frames go away.
Question 1? I have other dynamic block named the same but frame do not show up when "Frame" is set to "1", any reason for this?
Question 2? Does this frame issue "on" or "off" make system run faster or slower?

1st Aug 2012, 04:48 pm
Then it may not be a frame. Can you post the file?

1st Aug 2012, 04:55 pm
I can.....if you can instruct me on how to put it one here?
Have never posted files.


1st Aug 2012, 04:57 pm
Click the button below the response window that says "Go Advanced", then scroll down until you see a button that says Manage Attachments. You'll get a little pop-up, and go from there. Let me know if you have any other questions.

1st Aug 2012, 05:04 pm
resullins, I have followed instructions. It took me to another website "informationgetter" is this correct?
If so, which selection do I make?
Sorry, never done this before.

1st Aug 2012, 07:07 pm
I have tried to upload but it keeps telling me the file is to big for uploading.
I have deleted everything from file execpt 4 dynamic blocks.
The file size is 1.34mb. Are the dynamic blocks making this file that large?
Do all dynamic blocks make files that large?


1st Aug 2012, 07:10 pm
No. Have you tried purging the drawing?

1st Aug 2012, 07:30 pm
Yes..the file has been purged.

1st Aug 2012, 07:37 pm
In investigating this problem with dynamic block.
I have opened this test file in both Autocad 2010 and 2012.
With the option "Frame" = 0,
Doing zoom extents, 2010 zooms in to my 4 dymamic blocks, 2012 zooms out to where the outer border of the frame is.
Any perticaular reason?

1st Aug 2012, 07:41 pm
Check your PMs. I just sent you my email.

1st Aug 2012, 07:48 pm
Replied to your email.

14th May 2013, 06:15 pm
You have proxy in dwg that acad can't reperesent and instead that entity acad show box.
erase proxy or instal enablers for that entity

13th Feb 2015, 08:19 pm
I realize the original post was a long time ago, but the problem is still an issue almost 2 years later, so here is the solution to the problem....

Type "XCLIP" at the command line,
Select all the block frames,
Hit "ENTER",
Select "DELETE".

This removes the frames leaving the original blocks intact.

Have a great day!!