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1st Feb 2012, 02:23 am
Two Questions:

1) can i import shape files into the same .dwg file using two separate coordinate systems? ie: WGS 1984 (LL84) while the majority of my data is on the IL83 coordinates?

2) Once the 'draping' of my files have been placed over the ariel image file for the terrain, can I use map to do a 'flyover type animation' or would I have to move on to something more complex such as Max?

Thank you.

1st Feb 2012, 03:47 am
1. Yes, as long as you assign the coordinates to the shp files when you import them and/or have the .prj files.

2. Yes, however the results may vary and not be very smooth. A lot depnds on the graphic drivers, ram, etc of the workstation.

1st Feb 2012, 09:13 am
and/or have the .prj files
In my old-school Map2006, unfortunately no .PRJ file is "seen" during the _MAPIMPORT on-the-fly transformation, so I gotta load the CRS manually:


1st Feb 2012, 07:33 pm
Thank you very much for your help. Shape files placed and look good.