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Found 13 results

  1. Hello everyone, I've been trying to perform a sheet metal folding animations on Inventor studio. But reach time I want to animate a parameter after setting the end value it keeps saying specified value can't be applied. I'll really appreciate it if you can help.
  2. Hello Users, This is my first post here, but I have visited on occasion to solve issues in the past. I now find myself in a position that I am not sure I can solve just by browsing the forums, maybe someone here can lend a hand. I have been using CAD software in various design jobs since 1999. However, I have never had to utilize LISP routines. My newest job has presented me with a request that has stumped me. The more I research on it, the more confused I get. I have been a fan of building my own PC's that can handle the heavy loads of 3D designs and renderings. Hardware is a piece of
  3. Hey guys, I'm supposed to make an animation for a uni project and i've only gotten the software 3 days ago so i'm very new but i want to get this done quick. I've found the tutorial on Youtube but it skipped to many steps for a beginner. Basically, I need to make an animation of a paper folding itself into a simple paper airplane and then flying off. Something like this : Anyone willing to give me a walk through? Thanks!
  4. I couldn't find what this was made with, but is the lathe/mill action from :30 to :50 possible in inventor? I can get the animation to rotate and have the parts spin, but cannot figure out how to make the milling command take the surface down. Might this have been made with Maya? or some CAM software? I was hoping to use inventor to show how to make drill bits and contacts with the parts milled out from a single stock. Any ideas? If not possible, what is a program that I can use that my inventor/autocad skills will be able to translate easily?
  5. Is there a way to split a single part in an assembly in order to show two separate halves during an animation. Scenario: My company wants to split a 40 ft shipping container in half to scab in a 4' section to make a 12' wide container. I have designed a jig on tracks to show how the container can be split and half of the container to be rolled away to allow for the "scab" to be built in the middle. IS there a way to animate this in Inventor.. The container is in the assembly model as a single part.
  6. Anim8or is a free 3d animation package, and it is easy to import your models for animation and material rendering, the latest vesion has raytracer called art tracer.You can also import your models from anim8or to autocad. Anim8or is a free and powerful modelling/animation 3d software package. Create and animate 3d cartoons, movies, adverts, traditional 2d toons and cut out animation. Anim8or is ideal for product design, illustration and comic art; turn your pencil drawings into 3d models. Anim8or is the easiest 3d program to learn, spending about 1-2 hours everyday you will complete the co
  7. After numbers times of struggle I have not been able to figure out how to change the quality in recording. Every time i try, the quality would turn out horrible and I need this for an important presentation at the end of the month. I was wondering if anyone would be able give subjection or tell me what I am doing wrong. The quicker the better, and thank you.
  8. barefootbob

    GIS and Animation in Map 3D

    Two Questions: 1) can i import shape files into the same .dwg file using two separate coordinate systems? ie: WGS 1984 (LL84) while the majority of my data is on the IL83 coordinates? 2) Once the 'draping' of my files have been placed over the ariel image file for the terrain, can I use map to do a 'flyover type animation' or would I have to move on to something more complex such as Max? Thank you. Bob
  9. RichardAlbert

    Help with simple shaft animation

    Hello everyone, I hope I am not doing something bad by posting in here....I read a ton of threads and nothing seems to help me out. I have a very simple animation which consists of a pillow block holding a shaft that sticks out 1 inch on each side. I have been trying to get this to work for DAYS now and I am getting very frustrated cause I dont know what I am doing wrong. I have assembled my shaft and pillow block correctly and managed to animate it (10 Revolutions in 20 seconds) I was also able to add a pin on one side of the shaft to lock into a pin or a connecting rod at some futu
  10. I'm working on an intro with 3dsMax. But when I'm rendering the animation, it literally takes overnight to render it. What could be causing such a slow render? The animation uses the standard 100 frames.
  11. Is this possible? Can an object move through an animation while its gizmo stays stationary, so the map assigned to it looks as if its moving across it? Am I describing this accurately? Is it possible to "disconnect" the gizmo from the object, so the map stays anchored as the object moves around?
  12. Hi, I'm having trouble visualizing how to constrain two basic bevel gears to have them rotate in tandem. I'm using Inventor 2011 Pro and I'm not sure what the exact steps are. Thanks!
  13. basically i have a square with a hole in it, when i try to animate it to rotate around the rod in the hole it rotates using the corner of the square instead, which is the origin of the part. Is there a way to move the orgin on the part, or use constraint commands(i have not really gone into constraint commands yet) to get it to rotate around the hole?
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