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    Default Extrusion surfaces broken up

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    I am having trouble with rhino mac creating horrible surfaces. I have extruded a curve and it has resulted in messed up surfaces even though it is a simple straight extrusion. I first thought that rhino was just displaying them strangely but i have taken the object into keyshot and the textures are all over the place. I have tried redoing the extrusion, redoing the curve and extruding that and duplicating the edge needed and extruding that to no avail. I have even started a completely new model/file and the same thing is happening here.

    It also seems to be preventing me from doing things to the object. I cannot use the boolean functions on it. When I try and fillet the edges I cannot select some and others all select at the same time.

    I have attached images of the original file and a simple example of what is happening. Any help would be appreciated.


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