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    Default AutoCad Mechanical 2012 - Creating and editing BOM's

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    I have some questionsconcerning AutoCAD Mechanical 2012, especially related the Bill Of Material (BOM)features. I have been using AutoCad for over 20 years, but am new to Mechanical and creating BOM's. I have been trying to create blocks of my companys parts, and cannot get the part references to work the way I'd like them to.

    I have searched the tutorials, help menus, videos and online forums (including this one) but cannot find anything that helps.

    Thank you for reading! Please let me know if you can help.

    My questions are:

    1. Oncea part reference is created and information is filled out, does it only retainthe information if used in the same file? Shouldn’t it retain itsinformation if copied to another file?

    2. Doesincluding the part references within a block interfere with its ability toperform, or its ability to be used as a master part file and inserted intoother drawing files as a block?

    3. Ifyou can include a part reference within a block, does it still work well withmultiple part references within the same block?

    4. Canyou modify or edit the colors and fonts of the BOM (parts list)? i.e., the color of the table/schedule and the fonts and color of text asthey appear in the parts list.

    5. Cana new template be created with a customized BOM/parts list that is unique toour product?

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    I moved your thread to the AutoCAD Mechanical forum.
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    Hi there,

    The part reference information will be retained if you copy it across drawings.
    You can insert a part reference to a block by using Block option during creating the part reference. By this approach you can create an Assembly drawing with Hierarchy.
    You can only insert one part reference to each block.
    All colors and text font are able to be configured
    You can create custom parts list and save the template.


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