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    Default Adding Layers to Drawings in Bulk

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    I am trying to add two layers (A-FURN-3-CGDS-VV-1 & A-FURN-3-CGDS-HH-1) to about 4,700 DWG files, and am looking to see if anyone knows a way to bulk process something like this. We use blocks for furniture symbols, and have about 4,700 of them that need these specific layers in them in order to work with a rendering software we use that is based on the layer names. I will also need to go in and select parts of the drawings to put on one layer, and other parts for the other manually, but if I could start with the DWG files having the layers in them it would save a little time.... Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly welcome.

    As a bonus, if anyone knows how to have the bulk process put everything in the DWG file onto one of the layers (VV) while processing, that would be amazing!

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    Welcome to the forum.
    You owe it to yourself to visit LEE MAC's site and browse through his incredible library of brilliant time saving programs. He probably has one that will work without even needing to open each drawing.


    Thanks again Lee!
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    I am sure there are many ways, all better than each other.....

    You can easilly create a block containing just your required layers and then insert that block (I would do it exploded) into your drawings. I would use a script to open each drawing in turn, insert the exploded block then save the drawing and move on. I wrote a script generator years ago which we still use but I think Lee Mac has one on his web page.
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