In your case, no.

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I don't use .stb files, so perhaps I am wrong, although my understanding was that to use them you had to do it from the start of a file and couldn't easily switch to it after starting it with a .ctb.
You can use the CONVERTPSTYLES command, but this should only be used when you need it. Whether you use STBs or CTBs - it's always best practice to begin and stick with whatever plot style you choose. If for whatever reason you were to switch, leave the old CTBs still in place and move forward from this point forward.

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It seems a bit backwards given you would still have to maintain and use the .ctbs for the many .ctb initiated drawings that are still in use (some of the projects I work on have/are spanned over 20 years in stages etc).
It's not that it's backwards, it would actually be going forward. But in your case, maintaining production files that have been going on for twenty years just doesn't warrant a change for you.

For the record, STBs are in fact better than CTBs. This does not mean you automatically should switch. I'm only defending STBs with certain individuals in this thread who want to strip away the benefits of STBs that far outweigh CTBs. They are better and more intuitive and make more sense, BUT.... that doesn't mean you just have to throw away CTBs. I tell everybody you have to use them to understand them, and if you do try them then you decide for yourself if you want to make the switch. In your case I don't see any reason to switch. You and your firm are too ingrained in the CTB AutoCAD culture and it would really shake things up for you guys given your circumstances.

RobDraw defends CTBs in his last post by stating that a good CTB file should be in place. He is correct, but the problem is when you run into certain scenarios that call for plot style adjustments, most people that are CTB users simply make necessary adjustments with what they have. This means there's a good chance the CTB file might not be as good or as "fully functioning" as one might assume. They don't realize it but it's true. And making changes to CTBs scare most people because since it's "color dependent" any other working jobs would feel the impact too, so people don't even question changing up a CTB file. Most of the time it's just finding that "other color" you don't normally use that has the lineweight settings you need. Once it's found or adjusted, you keep moving right along with production not realizing that with with STBs you are free to intuitively make choices and audibles without hesitation, allowing an ever growing and ever changing Template file for future uses with virtually zero complications.