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    Default Wave dynamic block

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    Hello guys,

    I would like to create a "wave" dynamic block, see below...
    It is made from wipeout.
    Is it chance to make a similar?

    If I make a list for the length (from 125 to 350), after can I make a table /list /summary where these size are shown?

    Please help me if you can!

    Thank you!

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    I'm not sure how I would do that.

    If you only want a few distances you can create several visibility states and draw your wave each time.

    If you want to stretch your length I think you could achieve what you want with an array of waves but these only appear in steps as the "trigger" distance is reached.

    Possiblt the best solution is to draw the wave and slide a wipeout up it but I don't know how you would add the ellipse at the end.
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