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    Question Rotated text in custom linetype won't center

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    I've created my first line type (woohoo!) but the rotated V that I used as an "arrow" won't center and I'm having a difficult time understanding why so that I can fix it. I am aware that linetypes like the one I created exist but I wanted the arrows a specific size and distance apart which I couldn't do with the existing linetypes available to me (also I really wanted to try creating a custom one).

    In the attached picture:
    -the green line is the finished custom linetype
    -the red lines are polylines
    -the blue text is rotated 90 degrees, set to a text style titled Linetype (simplex font, not annotative, height set to 0 and width set to 1.0), and Justify set to Bottom Center

    The finished linetype code is:

    Also, this the first time I've attached a picture, I'm not sure that I did it correctly, please excuse my lack of know-how on this. I will look into it further for future use.

    Any help is greatly appreciated and thank you in advance!

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    I would have used a different technique and gone with the MKSHAPE and MKLTYPE commands found in Express Tools.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hcostanzo View Post
    Several comments:-

    If you make a custom linetype with a named Textstyle, then that Textstyle has to be loaded into a new drawing before you can use that linetype in a new drawing.

    I am not sure whether the Bottom Centre justification does any good in this case. I would prefer to finely adjust the position of the character with the x and y factors (I see that you do not have an x factor in the definition).

    You are using the u factor. this means that if you draw a circle with this linetype, then halfway round, the arrow will change direction. Also the u factor does not convert down to earlier versions. I would prefer to use the r factor.

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