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    Quote Originally Posted by BlackBox View Post
    There is no specific place for that sort of comparison, but it makes logical sense to want to understand how to accomplish similar task in different languages...
    Yes, that does make sense.
    Quote Originally Posted by BlackBox View Post
    ...It made me appreciate LISP even more than I thought I already had.
    Quote Originally Posted by dak View Post
    In this case I concluded list functions rule
    Yeah, from what I've read (meaning I really don't know anything about it myself!), after half a century plus, other languages (or their descendants) are starting to catch up to LISP. I vaguely recall decades ago when a well-meaning friend enthusiastically but futilely tried to explain its recursive powers. Alas, I'm a bit slow. All I could think was, Once is more than enough for me. I mean, who wants to be repeatedly cursed?Him: But then I met AutoCAD.
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    LISP is great generally, and a good place to start if (like me) you've never written code before, methinks.

    Mode mode = this.Mode;
    this.Mode = Modes.Rant;
    My issues with LISP are not issues with the language, but with the VLIDE, lack of Autodesk enhancement to LispFunction Methods (especially for verticals like Civil 3D), etc..

    this.Mode = mode;
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