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    Occasionally I will switch from Polar to Ortho, but I wanted to prod the OP into checking out the other techniques.
    I get a lot of students in my class with prior experience and even though the others have no experience the ones coming in with a set way of doing things cannot keep up with the raw beginners by the 3rd week of class.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RobDraw View Post
    Tracking does so much more, steven, like the topic of this thread. Allowing one to specify a starting point relative to another point without having to call up a modifier like FROM. Plus, it can be left on (almost) all the time without getting in the way. Just think about how many times you hit F8 or whatever way you toggle ORTHO.
    I'm going to give this some serious looking at, like I said my work is mostly square and after the first object is drawn, usually I then work from existing points and know the sizes to work to, so yeah I only ever use F3 and F8. but wherever I can I will try to do the work quicker or better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by steven-g View Post
    First of welcome to Cadtutor. two quick options (there are probably more)
    Once you have started your line command, make sure you are in Ortho mode (F8 ), Autocad will prompt you for the first point, from here you can use either
    1) type the word 'FROM' then click on the center point of the first line, and then move the mouse upwards and type in a distance of 50, and that will be your starting point
    2) type 'TK' which is an abbreviation for tracking point and again pick the center of your first line and move the mouse upwards and type in a distance of 50
    this time you will need to press enter a second time to accept this as your starting point (read up on temporary tracking to see what else you can do with this one)

    Another one to look at that won't work in your example, but can be very usefull in similar situations is called 'point filters' it's probably better to read up on this one as well.

    EDIT the smiley up there should read F8 but an 8 followed by a closing bracket doesn't work as expected

    put a space after the 8

    object tracking FTW! ....just punch in the numbers.
    also i have F1 key as toggle ortho snap & F3 key as toggle osnap,so my left hand covers esc, F1 and F3

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