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Found 22 results

  1. For some odd reason when we use our functions keys it always repeats the previous function. If we are drawing a line and want to toggle ORTHO then change ISOPLANE, after we press F8 for ortho then press F5 to re-orient our isoplane pressing F5 actually toggles ORTHO, then when we press F8 to turn ORTHO back on it toggles F5 for re-orientation of our isoplane. So forth and so on!! So frustrating! We just switched from Autocad 2002 to Autocad 2014 and are absolutely loving it but of course are getting comfortable with our systems and are notices quirks such as this. Anybody have the sam
  2. Hi, I'm getting back into CAD drawing. I've bought the following laptop: HP 255 G5 Laptop, AMD A6-7310 2GHz, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD, 15.6" LED (full HD), DVDRW, AMD, WIFI, Webcam, Bluetooth, Windows 10 Pro 64-bit I've also bought a Tecknet Alpha Wireless mouse with 5 DPI settings up to 3000DPI and a Tecknet Gaming Mouse MAt. However, no matter what I do with the mouse settings or Draftsite's snap settings I cannot get the snap to be accurate (it's close but still missing). Any ideas please because I cannot really get going until this is solved. Bit random: Could more RAM help?
  3. sandiegophil

    help with grips and object points

    Hello, I have a file with a block made of some simple lines and arcs. When I view it on screen, the lines and arcs do not meet at common endpoints. When I edit with the grips, they grip the points correctly but the grips do not match the 'visual' endpoints. Additionally, everything plots perfectly. I have set viewres to the max value with no results. I am ending up with 'x's at the corners. What settings am I overlooking? Thanks, Phil
  4. While running in Line command I'm able to snap along the way, snap my running line to itself at each sub prompt: "Specify next point or..." When I try this with the Polyline command, while running polyline at each sub prompt: "Specify next point or..." no snap can be acknowledged. My Polyline won't snap to itself while running toward successive points. All Object Snaps are checked in it's dialog box. Alignment Point Acquisition is set to Automatic. Is there another setting or a system variable that needs to be toggled, maybe something related specifically to Polylines?
  5. I am a network administrator, I don't use the software. W7Pro x64, 8GB RAM, Optisys/AutoCAD 2013 working in telecomm infrastructure design. I have a user who can no longer "snap to intersection" as he describes it, this makes it difficult for him to keep lines straight. I've looked through the settings that I see, he's looked through what he thinks is the available options, but we can't seem to get this setting back for him. No new software other than .NET security updates and windows updates. Can anyone think of some obscure setting where this could be enabled/disabled? Th
  6. What is nearest as object snap mode and where it will be useful to use it?
  7. I have been drafting for years and i am familiar with Microstation and AutoCad. I used Microstation for 5 years, then changed jobs, the new job requires AutoCad. My issue is the way the 2 systems treat lines. Microstaation treats all lines as complete entity ie: you can sellect and snap to the "blank" space in a hidden line. I cannot do the same in AutoCad. example: Multiple hidden lines select for trim; i have to make sure my selection window intersects the visible part of a line or it won't trim, this is extremely tedious. The only option i have found on the internet that works is to change
  8. mickeforsberg

    DLine object snap resets

    Hi! I'm trying out the dline command in Autocad LT 2016, and it works pretty well. However, after each command is finished, and I start a new dline command - the object snap resets and no snap setting is selected, so I have to select them everytime I start a new dline command. You guys have any idea why it doesn't save the OSNAP state? Works fine with line command. Edit: The object snap modes gets deselected, but the OSNAP is still set to "ON". If I during the dline command type S(NAP), it shows as "ON".
  9. I just got back from a break of not using AutoCAD in a while (some settings may have changed, but none that I'm aware of). Object Snap seems to be out of control. As you can see in the picture, I'm trying to align the end of the red line to the blue edge. But Object Snap is forcing the move point all the way down to the Midpoint. My first guess was that Aperture was set too high, but it was at 10 pixels (eyeballing the image, it's snapping at least 100 or so pixels away). I changed it to 5 pixels and still got the same problem. Any idea what's going on here?
  10. Hi, I want to draw a line on an angle from a known start point at a known length to a known finished plane (but not a known finish point or angle). Hopefully the attached pdf explains it better than I have here. I have turned on OSNAP to get the start point of my line then turned it off again to enable me to select the end point of my line without it snapping to the end or midpoint while it shows the length of my line on screen but this isn't completely accurate. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated? AutoCAD Line Drawing question.pdf
  11. Is there a way to set a 'snap hierarchy' for example, I want the 'perpendicular' snap to snap before the 'nearest' since it's more accurate. I would rather 'nearest' be the last resort snap if nothing else. thanks,
  12. Hi all, I used the measure command to place points along a polyline. I'd like to draw a poly from the points that were created. I can't seem to snap to those points. I don't see anywhere to get the osnaps to snap. Any ideas? I''ve googled and no luck. Thx,
  13. I can't figure out how to choose my starting point to be relative to another point without drawing help lines (which mean they must be drawn, selected, deleted = time). I am certain there must be a way around this. For argument's sake, consider I am attempting to draw a cross. I use the line command, input a starting point; choose next point: @100 Now I need a vertical line of equal length to cross the middle-point of the horizontal one. I could snap to middle-point, draw a line of half-length at angle 90 and draw another of 2.(length) at angle -90. This produces 2 lines one of which
  14. Hello all. I have a LISP routine that I have been using forever now so excuse me if it is written sorta outdated to what it could look like if it were updated. It is a balloon(bubble) routine to insert letters or numbers inside a sized bubble with a line and an arrow. The problem I am having is that when running the command after selecting my first point i have to physically turn off OSNAP then after I enter the numbers and finish the command turn OSNAP back on because if I do not it distorts the arrow... I have a mouse with extra programmed buttons that allows me to speed up the proce
  15. So, I have snap on, and Im drawing as usual. At some point I want to mirror something: MIRROR -select object, done, enter, -select two dots of the axis in this phase, where I'm supposed to pick the points, snap turns off, or stops working. I turn it on and off, I uncheck all the options, check them again. It's not the first time this happens... autocad is so unreliable.. to me
  16. I have been using for about two years now, but have never been to a course/class (unless you count AutoCAD for Dummies), so my language may not be *correct*. Simple problem: When I select a line, normally three grips appear; the ends and the middle. Normally, when I want to stretch (resize) a line I click one end and simply drag it to the desired location. Often it *snaps* to another nearby grip point, the middle selected grip, a line that it crosses, etc. If I zoom in I normally can put the grip any where I want to. It has worked fine up until this morning. Last night when I closed the pr
  17. I am totally lost! When I zoom close into the drawing the lines are changing their angels…(!) Or they disappear only to pop op again as I zoom out. Also some of them changes from being full lines to being dotted (and it is not dotted lines) when I zoom in close. Also the SNAP function isn’t working very well. I have to zoom in A LOT in order to get it to snap. The snap icon shows all right, but when I zoom in afterwards it shows that it didn’t snap at all to the other line. This happened recently in drawing I have been working with since early spring without problems. Oh and one more thin
  18. I have just developed a problem where I can only snap to the origin regardless of where my cursor is. I have tried snapping to midpoints, endpoints, centers, etc. it always selects the origin. I even tried to cange the origin to a point I want to draw from, but it sends me right back to the original origin. I made no changes in the software setup - it started when I opened an existing drawing, and now it affects any drawing I start or open. I cannot get anything done.
  19. So i am confronted with this All my polar tracking options are turned to Zero. (sorry, no pic) strangly enough its does give me one tracking option (read line) wile drawing at 5° and when i draw a square it seems like my plane is off a bit (prolly 5°, looks like a perspective) Tried fiddling around with the DSETTINGS command but nothing goes. so i s my plane off, UCS off, am i a retard Hopefully this is a simple answer , also i get sometimes 1 out of 10 times an innorect SNAP ( snap to a point and its off by a 0,x margin. i Maybe this is connected? I tried google
  20. Hi all, Just wondering if there's anyone out there who's had this problem? From time to time, when either moving text with a grip, or placing a dimension, or drawing a line or whatever, AutoCAD just randomly decides to snap to zero, zero. I might be miles away from zero, zero, but it still snap me there. The only way I can get around it is to turn my OSNAP off, do what I have to do and then turn it back on again. REALLY annoying. I'm using ACAD 2008, but I remember having this problem on earlier releases too. Any ideas?
  21. Hi, im new to this forum, but i just wanted to ask a question to anyone who may have even the slightest idea. Say you have a dynamic block of a hinge, and you want to stretch it to the hight of a door. The dynamically blocked hinges have a base point, and a grip point. I place the base point at the bottom of the door, and stretch from the grip point to the top of the door, (so that there is a hinge on both the top & bottom of the door). What i want, is for the array tool to automatically place another hinge in the center of the stretch, but only after the top hinge has stretched t
  22. in 2011, how can i cancel the snap on z direction so that my drowing will be only in 2d?
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