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    Default change viewports position (x and y cordinates)

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    Hello every one,
    i found thread about change height and width of particular one viewport.

    My current situation:
    I have 3 viewports.
    i want only one viewport at some specific coordinate (say x=100, y=200)
    and remain two viewports are are at other coordinate (say x=1000, y=2000)

    it is possible manually, by simply selecting 1st viewport and editing "Center X" and "Center Y" of their viewport property.

    if some one know than please help me...


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    Welcome to CADTutor Alok

    Are you referring to the viewport target (i.e. the objects viewed through the viewport), or the position of the viewport object itself in paperspace?

    If you are referring to the target, you will first need to store the current viewport scale (customscale property) so that it may be reset later; you will then need to activate the viewport (mspace property) and set it as the active paperspace viewport (activeviewport property).

    To change the target, you could use the zoomcenter method with an arbitrary scale factor (since the viewport scale can be restored later by the program). The stored viewport scale can then be reinstated via the customscale property and the viewport deactivated using the mspace property.
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    Thanks alot Lee,
    For your instance reply.

    But i am not that much familiar about VBA programming.
    as i was go throug lots of treadds in CADTutor i just have some idea.

    following code is working well for setting desire target(x,y) , scale, height and width.

    Sub PVPortManipulation()

    'Iterate through the viewports of every paperspace Layout.
    'Change the pviewports height to 6
    'Change it to SE Iso view
    'Move each paperspace vport 2 units to the right.
    'Set vport scale
    'Modify target

    Dim Entity As AcadEntity
    Dim VPcenter As Variant
    Dim PVport As AcadPViewport
    Dim objLayout As AcadLayout
    Dim dblDir(0 To 2) As Double
    Dim i As Integer
    For Each objLayout In ThisDrawing.Layouts
    If objLayout.Name <> "Model" Then
    ThisDrawing.ActiveLayout = objLayout
    ThisDrawing.MSpace = False
    For i = 1 To objLayout.Block.Count - 1 'avoid primary Paperspace PViewport
    Set Entity = objLayout.Block.Item(i)
    If TypeOf Entity Is AcadPViewport Then
    Set PVport = Entity
    PVport.Display True
    PVport.Height = 10
    PVport.Width = 50
    dblDir(0) = -1#: dblDir(1) = -1#: dblDir(2) = 1#:
    PVport.Direction = dblDir
    VPcenter = PVport.Center
    VPcenter(0) = 100#
    VPcenter(1) = -50#
    PVport.Center = VPcenter
    PVport.StandardScale = acVp1_10
    dblDir(0) = -6
    PVport.Target = dblDir
    End If
    ThisDrawing.Regen acAllViewports
    End If
    End Sub

    but how i will set different viewports property.
    above code is working, but it is changing all viewport target and all other properties to the same.


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    Is it possible????

    it will help me alot...

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