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  1. Thanks For Have this forum.. i have two boundary box (VIEWPORTS ) in every layout with different size , the main goal is to resize the viewports 1 (height and widht), -need to resize widht from 960 to 841 and height from 970 to 594 -all my layout contain this VIEWPORTS , so i need lisp to resize in all layout. -also the two VIEWPORTS using same layername "MV_BOX" thanks guys, im really apreciate it.
  2. Discreet objects shift location when viewed in paper space. For example, a light fixture placed on a wall will shift location to a few feet away. When I check back in model space the object is located correctly. (objects are not blocks). I think it may have to do with my having moved those objects while working in model space thru the actual viewport, but that usually isn't an issue.
  3. Version 1.0.0


    A neat little utility that will zoom extents on all your viewports. Function Syntax: ze For instructions on how to run the program see here.
  4. hi, any way to improve below lisp? it create new layer and new viewport but after layerp command execute the layer color goes back to white and no plot becomes plot again. (defun c:vp() (command ".layer" "M" "viewport" "C" "8" "viewport" "P" "N" "viewport" "" "-VPORTS" pause pause ".layerp") (princ) )
  5. Hi all, firstly, apologies for my lack of technical terms on this, please bear with me whilst I try to explain what I am struggling with! Right, I have got a drawing of a school that we are designing the fire sprinkler layout on. For the initial approval drawings, I have printed it to scale an A0 paper which is fine. However, I am now looking at doing the construction issue drawings following the approval and I want these on no larger than A1 paper and a larger scale for ease of use on site. This is where my problem comes in. A colleague has previously split the original layout of anot
  6. Hello, dear CADers this is my first post, so please don't rip my head off. I may lack the vocabulary to describe things the right way, but I will try. So I am making a drawing of a sliding door in 3D. Threre are two parts and they are of exactly same shape. I need to represent it from the front (half closed, and completely closed) and from the top (half closed, and completely closed). I know a bit about the viewports, but my questions is a bit more detailed. Is it possible (and if so how) to represent the door from views on the same page*? Do I just create two separate doors
  7. Hi all, I have a colleague that came to me with a question. He would like to grab everything in a layout and scale it by 1.5X while at the same time having all of the viewports in that layout adjust their scales by 1.5 as well. I don't think there is a way to have AutoCAD automatically do this, but I thought I'd post it in case I'm wrong. Thanks.
  8. Hello I have noticed a similar pattern with quite a lot of drawings recently. I work a lot in Paperspace and quite a lot of my files have recently started lagging awfuly if I have 'Display Plot Styles' box ticked as part of my Page Setup. If I turn the Plot Styles off, it resumes back to normal, but it is incredibly annoying to work with all the colours on. Is this due to the amount of information I might have on the particular Layout? Does it happen once a certain amount of data has been drawn in the particular drawing file? Is it because my computer can't keep up with showin
  9. Hi All, Desperate here! I have a three drawings all on the same page at 1:1 scale. I am needing to print these three drawings onto an A3 piece of paper all at different scales. I was wondering how I am able to do this. I have a vague understanding that I need to use viewports? - I have my screen in layout set to three sections, however I am unsure of where to go from here! Really appreciate any help! Thanks
  10. HELP!! I need to change Titleblock size in PS from a scale of 48 down to 1. I will spare the details but I have switched to using Annotative objects/blocks.. My issue is the Viewports. I want to just select my layout(S) in paperspace with TB and scale by 1/48; but the Viewports lose their display. Is there any way to maintain the view when shrinking/scaling the viewport. ?! I am not referring to the scale, but the size. I hope that makes sense. Thanks in advance.
  11. I could use some insight from some clever people..... Sorry for the length of the post, but I feel more explanation will help you in understanding my situation. I also believe this is a situation that MANY designers/Engineers face. I have tried to be as concise and brief as possible. We do custom fabrication of steel structures. We have a "bread-n-butter" product, as well as accommodating many different custom steel projects. Quite often these structures need many "small", and widely different parts. Therefore, for each project the fabricators need: part dwgs / details / subassembly
  12. Hello everybody! I have a lisp file which creates 2 new commands. If I use tne first command, all the viewports in my drawing are locked. If I use the other command, they are all unlocked again. If I use these commands, also the colors of these viewports are changing. If I lock them, they become green. If I unlock the viewports, they become red. The colors are only changing after I use these created commands. If I want to change something and I need to unlock a (locked=green colored) viewport manually at the properties. The color of this viewport doesn't change into red. Is th
  13. Hello, We xref and draw in Model Space then use viewports with title blocks scaled accordingly to the LTSCALE in Paper Space (i.e. 1"=50'-0" would have a setting of LTSCALE: 600). So this happens frequently....We receive a background from architect, civil engineer, etc.. and after cleaning up the background and then setting up our drawings, thus xref in the background; the linetypes from the xref get lost (i.e. say a dashed line will show continuous). Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
  14. Hi, I’m experiencing a particularly perplexing bug/issue. I am attempting to perform the mvsetup command (as I have done many times before without issue). I go through the following steps via the command line: Firstly – making sure I am in paper space in the view port I want to carry out the mvsetup command. 1. ‘mvsetup’ 2. ‘A’ 3. ‘R’ 4. ‘select my point of rotation’ 5. ‘enter my numeric value for angle of rotation’ Normally when I perform the above steps the viewport rotates the view to the angle I have entered. On this occasion (
  15. Hi All. Im assuming this could be done via a lisp but not entirely sure. Im wondering if there is a way to create a layout with border plus a viewport that uses a polyline/block set in model space as its reference for its limits. Almost the opposite way that the change space command works but creating a viewport in the process. I basically have some polylines setup in a drawing that essentially ring around certain areas and would like to create layouts from these polylines and use them for the boundaries. Im wondering if there is also a possiblity that if i create a block or som
  16. I scanned the forum and couldn't find anything on this so here goes.. I have a sheet with three viewports and need each one to have a different cut planes. When I change it in one VP it changes in the other two. Please help.
  17. Hello every one, i found thread about change height and width of particular one viewport. My current situation: I have 3 viewports. i want only one viewport at some specific coordinate (say x=100, y=200) and remain two viewports are are at other coordinate (say x=1000, y=2000) it is possible manually, by simply selecting 1st viewport and editing "Center X" and "Center Y" of their viewport property. if some one know than please help me... Alok
  18. The following information is about Layout Viewports also known as "floating" viewports which are different than Model Viewports also known as "tiled" viewports. Viewports are windows created in a paper space layout that allow the user to see the objects that were created back in model space. Viewports can be created using the MVIEW command. Viewports can be resized with their grips. Viewports can be moved, copied, rotated (see VPROTATEASSOC below), aligned and even deleted. Viewports are assigned a scale not the objects back in model space. Objects in model space should be
  19. Hello all, I'm trying to create dimensions that only reference the layout tab. Example- When I dimension from two end points within the same viewport, the dimension reads out 50' because that's the length of the line regardless of the scale the viewport displays. Now I add another viewport and try to dimension between viewports and the dimension references the layout. Regardless if it's the same viewport or not I need the dimension to reference the layout/paper space. Thank you in advance, Mik
  20. Hello, I am working on an alignment sheet for a gas line. I am showing an aerial in my main viewport in plan view. I am only showing line work between match lines nothing pass that except the aerial. However I have two more viewports aside from the main one. I have one to each of the sides of the main viewport to show the aerial image only pass the match lines. My viewports are locked all three of them, yet my image on the viewports to each of the sides of the match lines keep acting up and won't show correctly every time I zoom out or in. They'll be a time that they will but if I zoom out
  21. This only happens from time to time. I have a sheet set up with multiple viewports. I double click in one viewport, type LAYER, and the layer dialog appears but my viewport has changed. Anyone else have this problem and more importantly have a solution? Thanks.
  22. Hi, I am using CAD 2012, and when I use the viewport command it split the screen in the desire number of screens, but the zoom goes in each windows to (like) zoom extend, so I can't use diferent zooms in each window.. Some days ago it works fine so I could visualize different parts of my drawing, but now I don't know what happened.. Could you help me please!!!. Tx.
  23. I have created a customised paper size in page setup (3000X900mm); the viewport is a clipped polygon which was chosen as I wished to create a small legend in the bottom corner. Although the drawing has only 1 viewport, when I attempt to plot, the console reads "plotting viewport 2" and nothing actually plots. The plotter is working fine for other drawings. Any ideas what might be wrong?
  24. hello, I have a question regarding viewports. We received drawings from our sub-contractor and we noticed that there is something wrong with their drawing, so I decided to make the modification, but when i opened the file and switched it to layout tab, I was not able to see the line for their respective viewports. I am wondering how did they do that? Does anyone knows about that. but if you are going to double click that drawing, the viewport will be visible. One more thing is, when i found the viewport and re-scale the things that i want to show inside that viewport, I was confused
  25. okay, confession time: *l-o-n-g* time acad user and abuser, but i am not understanding some viewport 'features' that feel like bugs to me: 1. UCSFOLLOW: i don't get it, don't like it, and it doesn't do anything for me except make *other* viewports contents jump around weirdly. i have actually read a couple tutorials, etc on this, and *still* don't see what use it has for me (bearing in mind that there are a million autocad commands that are useful only in certain circumstances; i'm sure there are applications it is helpful) 2. related to that, in using drawings set up by others, i go
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