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    Smile i have multi hatch in drawing how to get hatch area?

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    i have multi hatch in drawing how to get hatch area?
    i have all hatches are not separate layer all hatches r have same layer so i need to find out area separately

    please help me any one

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    You can find the area of a selected hatch, or the combined area of multiple hatch selections by looking in the Properties under Geometry > Area. If you only want the combined area of a certain hatch pattern you can use the Quick Select to find the hatches with the same pattern name or colour etc you want and then view the combined area in the Properties.

    **EDIT: If your hatch 'object' contains multiple hatches you can separate these into individual hatches. To do this select the hatch and when the Hatch Editor Ribbon appears, click on the triangle next to Options - then click on Separate Hatches. Now you will have individual hatches instead of a 'group'.

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    mhm: Once you know the area of individual hatches what do you want to do with the information? Do you want it to appear on the drawing itself? Explain what the final result should be.
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