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    Default Lisp to select cid#

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    Hi, I am working in Fabrication and am trying to make a lisp that will select all items of a certain cid# (4 and 61) and then run a ctext on them. The lisp is also supposed to run a script at the same time, but that part works fine.

    This is my code so far...

    (defun c:etag()
    (setq ss (ssget))
    (setvar "pickfirst" 1)
    (sssetfirst nil ss)
    (executescript "Elbow Tagger.cod")
    	if item.cid = 4, 61 then
    	(addctext "AMCI-Full-Elbow-Tag")
    	end if
    end select)
    Currently, this lisp will apply the ctext to very part selected. I am only familiar with VB so I was a little lost when trying to tell the lisp to select cid#

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    Welcome to CADTutor.

    More information is needed; the code you posted includes some sub-functions which aren't defined, and perhaps a sample drawing so others might be able to test their offerings?

    If you post what you're after in VB, C#, etc. I may be able to help port that down to LISP... Presuming, of course, that the appropriate Properties, and Methods are exposed to LISP (not sure what AMEP Command[s] you're calling in your Script either).

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    I'm not sure what you mean by a sample drawing but I can definitely elaborate on the sub functions.

    "Elbow Tagger.COD" is a script I made in visual basic language to fill in the tag-1, tag-2 and tag-3 fields of sheet metal elbows. I will include its code in the box bellow...

    select item.cid
    	case 4
    	dim QUOTE = ascii(34)
    	dim extl = 0
    	dim exts = 0
    	dim exti = item.dim["Top Extension"].numvalue
    	dim exto = item.dim["Bottom Extension"].numvalue
    	dim tag1 = item.customdata[7].value
    	dim rad = item.dim["Inner Radius"].numvalue
    	dim tag2 = item.customdata[8].value
    	dim tag3 = item.customdata[9].value
    	if exti < exto then
    	exts = exti
    	extl = exto
    	end if
    	if exti > exto then
    	exts = exto
    	extl = exti
    	end if
    	exts = Round((exts), 2)
    	extl = Round((extl), 2)
    	rad = Round((rad), 2)
    	item.customdata[7].value = rad + exts + ""+QUOTE+"" + "R"
    	if extl > 2 then
    	item.customdata[8].value = extl + ""+QUOTE+"" + "EXT"
    	end if
    	if exts > 2 then
    	item.customdata[9].value = exts + ""+QUOTE+"" + "EXT"
    	end if
    end select
    select item.cid
    	case 61
    	dim QUOTE = ascii(34)
    	item.customdata[7].value = item.dim["Inner Radius"].numvalue + ""+QUOTE+"" +"R"
    end select
    That part works just fine, but the next bit has been giving me trouble.

    "AMCI-Full-Elbow-Tag" is a ctext I made which creates a tag with 4 fields. 1 field is for the angle of the elbow and the other 3 fields are for the tag-1, tag-2, and tag-3 fields which the "Elbow Tagger.COD" script fills in.

    I only want the ctext to apply to items which have a cid identification number of 4 and/or 61 but at present, it effects everything I drag select.

    I would of loved to do this whole thing in a VB script but people have been telling me that scripts cannot load ctext reports so I am trying to load both my script and my ctext from a lisp.

    I suppose, if the ctext portion of the lisp were to be in VB, it would probably look something like this....but I am not an experienced programmer so I could be way off.

    select item.cid
           case 4, 61
           addctext "AMCI-Full-Elbow-Tag"
    end select
    Thanks a lot for offering to help and being so friendly. Some people can be snarky when I ask a beginner question.

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