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Found 7 results

  1. I'm trying to modify Title Block Attributes values using -attedit without being prompted for old value of the attribute. The only way I was able to make it work is as shown below if I specify old value (100). I'm trying to write an external script (.scr) which will be specified upon draftsight.exe startup, open the drawing, modify title block attributes, save and exit without human interaction. The script does not know the old value, that's why i'm trying to avoid it. I'm using draftsight. : -EDITBLOCKATTRIBUTE Default: Yes Confirm: Edit block attributes one at a time? Specify Yes or No» n Performing global editing of block attribute values. Default: Yes Confirm: Edit only attributes currently visible? Specify Yes or No» n Default: * Options: * to select all blocks or Specify block(s)» MY_TTL_BLK5 Default: * Options: * to select all attributes or Specify attribute name(s)» DRAWINGNO Default: * Options: * to select all attribute values or Specify attribute value» 100 1 block attributes selected. Specify old text string» 100 Specify new text string» 101 Thank you.
  2. Hi Everyone, I am trying to get this script to work but I keep getting error messages that say sendkeys.vbs is an unknown variable this is the script select item.cid case 61, 4 sendkeys.vbs "maskview {ENTER}" Endselect I've heard that a lisp could do this but my boss doesn't want me using lisps because loading them in each drawing is too inconvenient. Does anyone know why the sendkeys command isn't being recognized? Thanks, -Fracture
  3. I've made this script to adjust the extensions on our rectangular transition ducts but it doesn't want to work for me. Everything is fine if I keep it simple and leave out the " Or "Ductmate 35" " part but for this to work, I will need the or statement. Anyways, here's the script... select item.cid case 2 dim extin = item.dim[6].numvalue dim extout = item.dim[7].numvalue dim con1 = item.connector[1].value dim con2 = item.connector[2].value if ( con1 = ("TDC" or "Ductmate 35") ) and (extin < 2 ) then item.dim[6].value = 2 end if if ( con2 = ("TDC" or "Ductmate 35") ) and (extout < 2 ) then item.dim[7].value = 2 end if if ( con1 <> ("TDC" or "Ductmate 35") ) and (extin < 0.5 ) then item.dim[6].value = 0.5 end if if ( con2 <> ("TDC" or "Ductmate 35") ) and (extout < 0.5 ) then item.dim[7].value = 0.5 end if item.update() end select Can anyone spot the problem? I'm hoping its an embarrassingly simple one.
  4. Hi, I am working in Fabrication and am trying to make a lisp that will select all items of a certain cid# (4 and 61) and then run a ctext on them. The lisp is also supposed to run a script at the same time, but that part works fine. This is my code so far... (defun c:etag() (setq ss (ssget)) (setvar "pickfirst" 1) (sssetfirst nil ss) (executescript "Elbow Tagger.cod") if item.cid = 4, 61 then (addctext "AMCI-Full-Elbow-Tag") end if end select) Currently, this lisp will apply the ctext to very part selected. I am only familiar with VB so I was a little lost when trying to tell the lisp to select cid#
  5. Hi guys, I would like to create a custom hatch (solid hatch) which lets not to print what will be hidden underneath the hatched area. Is there any hatch like that already or if not, how may i script it?
  6. Hi, I am struggling to input text as part of a script. If I type it in via the command line it works. This is what I currently have. Text 7.838,1.205 0.094 0 "Text" Text 7.838,1.205 0.094 0 "Text" Text 7.838,0.936 0.094 0 "Text" If this cannot be done, I could use a block but need to be able to populate the block with data via the script Help would be greatly appreciated
  7. Hello, I am looking into how I can create scripts that would generate a text file which can then be read in by AutoCAD to create the 3d model. I need to be able to create multiple iterations of a model (a solenoid winding) with different parameters (such as number of turns, wire thickness, and number of layers). I was planning on writing a script in pearl and then creating a batch file that would run the script and then AutoCAD in non interactive mode. Does anyone know if this could be done, or if there is a better way of doing this not using an outside script? Also, can this be done in any other CAD program, specifically Solidworks? Cheers!
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