Morning All,

Habitual LT user here - so no lsp before. Been given 2 month access to a 2014 license to get this job out of the door.

I'm trying to create a lsp that grabs the content of a drawing, selects objects by layer and groups them using the layer name as the group name. I've found a couple of lsps that do some of what I want so I've been pulling them to bits and trying to create what I need, but I'm stuck.

I've managed to get to a point where I've got a list of the layers and start the group command but I cant get the group names to work.

I'm not demanding a full lsp, but would very much appreciate some guidance on how to approach this one.

I've gone through the tutorials on Afralisp and some of the other threads but I just don't seem to be making any progress.

There's 41 layers in most of these drawings, I don't really fancy doing it manually...

PS I cant access any of Autodesks online help as apparently our IT guys have classified it as an "unsafe site".