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    Unhappy Solidworks 2016 Corrupt Shaded view in a Drawing

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    I am new to solidworks and have created a new template for a drawing.
    It consists of a large picture inserted for the main background (whole page) with a frame and subtle watermark logo plus a small additional logo added in the opposite corner.

    When creating adding the views to the sheet they add OK until I shade the perspective type view, then it appears to be part of the view missing. It is the back ground that covers the whole pagecausing the issue because as soon as I remove the main picture background all of the shaded view appears. I have had a look to see if I can send the background to the back similar to how layers are arranged in other software programs but I am unable to find a command.

    I have attached a sceen shot of part of the sheet to show issue.

    I have a number of templates I need to create in a similar way.

    I'd appreciate any assistants.

    Kind Regards

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    By default each view you add to a drawing will then be "on top" of the next. The exception to the this is Annotation Notes. And the exception to that is the note needs to be on the sheet format.

    What you are trying to do is not the typical method but there might be things that can be done. Is the background image a JPEG or a PNG? If its a PNG does it have transparency? You might need to play around with the image transparency.

    When you are doing this are you saving the sheet format out and then creating a drawing template to point to that sheet format? If this is something you can share i might be able to give you a bit more info. It is hard to say where the problem lies. Typically with "watermarks" on drawings it is just text and the option mentioned above helps keep it behind views. Using a watermark image that is not a transparent PNG file might be the hangup.
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