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Found 22 results

  1. Hello all, Im new here and learned alot from you guys. Now i have a problem that i couldnt find an answer to. I have one drawing template/ block with attributes. I want to insert my own templete/block but still use the attributes from the old one. This will be done at multiple drawings at once. I have tried the "extract Data" function but are unable to insert the information back again (multiple drawings) And the best option would be to insert the templete/block and the info without opening the drawings sepretely. If this cant be done in autocad, is there any other softwar
  2. Hi I am new to solidworks and have created a new template for a drawing. It consists of a large picture inserted for the main background (whole page) with a frame and subtle watermark logo plus a small additional logo added in the opposite corner. When creating adding the views to the sheet they add OK until I shade the perspective type view, then it appears to be part of the view missing. It is the back ground that covers the whole pagecausing the issue because as soon as I remove the main picture background all of the shaded view appears. I have had a look to see if I can send the b
  3. This is probably too extensive a question for this forum - if there is a tutorial that covers this, please point me in the right direction. Background: I work for a large utility company, which for some reason doesn't think AutoCAD training is important for its entry level engineers (who use CAD daily), so it's incumbent upon me to figure it out. Thanks *** Gas & Electric! I'm working off a .dwg file I inherited from the one dude who seemed to know what he was doing. He's moved on, or I'd be harassing him for help instead of coming here. He's got it set up so that (pardon my t
  4. Hi everybody, as I requested in another thread (Finding template of new drawing), I am seeking a way to find out the name and directory of the template file which is used for NEW drawing. I tested all ways mentioned in the thread, with no success (shown as follow) (getenv "General\\LastTemplate") (getenv "LastTemplate") (vla-get-TemplateDWGPath (vla-get-Files (vla-get-Preferences (vlax-get-acad-object)))) Indeed the returned name and path refers to Qnew template. I appreciate any help
  5. Hi all, Is it possible to find out which template file used in new opened drawing via visual lisp? Assume someone issues NEW command and selects a .DWT file as template. Now after ending NEW process, how to find out what is the fullname (path and name) of template file? I appreciate any help
  6. Hello everyone, this may be a dumb question but I've been struggling with it for a while now... So I am entering various drawings in (elevation, floor plan, site plan and several details. Since all of them require different scales, I am creating a viewport for each one. They all must go into a border/template which I also have in a viewport. HOWEVER, everytime I try to select the viewport which contain my drawings which I've made inside the border/template viewport, it wont select and rather highlights the border/template viewport-- only allowing me to edit/zoom into the border/templ
  7. Using ACad 2011. We're changing all existing drawing to a new templates at work. What is the best way to accomplish this task? Open up existing drawing and somehow replace template or somehow copy/paste drawing into new template? Thanks
  8. stampan76

    Scale and pasting

    Hi, I've just started using Autocad so what i'm asking is really simple. I've drawn an image in full scale and would like to add an architect template to it. I also need to print it on A3 paper, but when i paste the item into the A3 architect template, the image is massive. How do i get it to fit??
  9. katto01

    Template Problems

    Hello, Problem1. I configure a template, give it a name and save it as a dwt. When I open a new drawing using the SAME dwt, all the customization is gone. Any ideas why this happens? What am I missing? Problem2. When I open a dwg within Autocad or by double clicking the dwg file on explorer, is there away to open with the specific template ? I am using Autocad 2013 and 2014 on a Windows 7 64bit Thank you
  10. I am trying to find out if there is a way to use an existing block as a template for a b.o.m. in autocad mechanical instead of the one generated by autocad
  11. 1) Which of the crypically-named Templates in AutoCAD LT 2013 for MAC would provide me with an A1 Portrait sheet layout? 2)Is anyone else having issues whereby they can enter metric measures, but the display in Model Space is something else (either coordinate or imperial), and in Paper Space, View Port Windows is only in Imperial Scaling rather than simple 1:200 format? Is there anyway to get CAD to DISPLAY in metric?
  12. Hello! I started a drawing a week ago but am not sure I used the right template. Is there a way to find out which template I used? I tried using DWGPROPS and STATUS but neither of these mention which template I used to start the drawing. Any help is appreciated.
  13. Hello, I am working on an alignment sheet for a gas line. I am showing an aerial in my main viewport in plan view. I am only showing line work between match lines nothing pass that except the aerial. However I have two more viewports aside from the main one. I have one to each of the sides of the main viewport to show the aerial image only pass the match lines. My viewports are locked all three of them, yet my image on the viewports to each of the sides of the match lines keep acting up and won't show correctly every time I zoom out or in. They'll be a time that they will but if I zoom out
  14. Hello, My name is Ben and I am currently working in an architectural/engineering firm. I have recently learned about Sheetset Manager and I was able to input my custom sheetset. What I am trying to do is create a custom sheetset template that will have ALL my sheets embedded, that way all my notes, details and sheets will always be ready. I would just need to update some text and details from time to time. These ar the steps that I have taken Created a new sheetset and called it Sheetset Template In this sheetset template, I created all my sheets and inserted notes/details.
  15. When starting a NEW drawing by selecting NEW in the RED A Icon (upper left hand corner) you will be taken to your Select Template dialog box. Should you wish to, you can start a drawing without a template, in your choice of Imperial or Metric units by selecting the little dropdown menu next to the OPEN button.
  16. I am currently drawing my plans and realised the template: "Tutorial-mArch.dwt" is an A1 Paper Size. I can only print A4 pages so when I compressed it to a A4, the layout of title box simply goes out of scale. How do I scale those? How do I fix it? If you do not mind me asking more, how do I make my title box (name scale on my own? I am a beginner, step by step method will be appreciated. PS: I do not know how to add texts box. So if you can tell me that as well that would be 2 birds in one stone.
  17. Want to create a drawing border, a box on the right hand side containing all the information about the drawing. I want this to be a template so each drawing I create will have the drawing border on the right. Can anyone help please???
  18. Hardney

    Fixed layers in template.

    After reading all that's written above, I noticed that the layers issue is not answered and this is actually the reason why I am here. Our template has been created by an external firm that sold us our Civil 3D, since then we made some modifications to the template to make it better. Now, we are actually into a normalization phase in the office and it involves modifying the way we name our layers. So after adding all the new layers in the template, all the old layers remain in the template and are un-deletable. I know that we have some blocks in the template but all the old layers don't re
  19. Hello, I'm the Sales Operations Manager for a Design House \ Manufacturer. We currently use AutoCAD 2011 to provide line drawings to our customers, but render requests have become more and more common. Our Marketing group employs an Artist who uses 3DS Max for renders, but our company's President does not want to distract his efforts from print and web work to work on Sales' lowly render requests. My boss has asked me to develop a "Good", "Better", and "Best" approach to customer deliverables. Good = 3D line drawing from AutoCAD Better = a SketchUp style greyscale render (with
  20. UglierWord

    Template size

    I am a student using AutoCAD 2010 to create drawings. Unfortunately, when I attempt to print, the template I was provided does not fit onto one page. I have reopened the template as a blank drawing and attempted to plot the template to determine if I had messed up the scale of the drawing. It is not the scale. The blank template at 1:1 still extends to a second page. Is there any way that I can continue to use this template without messing up the scaling of my drawing? Thank you very much for any suggestions.
  21. I have finished all my subdiviions designs in Civil3D CAD ( roads, profiles, etc...) and am getting ready to "cut" all my sheets (25 sheets) to be able to issue the construction documents. I have experimented with the Plan Production Tool (Viewframes,Sheets,etc...) I like the fact that it can actually get the profiles legible at the right scale,etc... I like the automated features: Matchline Text,etc... QUESTION: Does any consulting company REALLY use this "wizard" or is there a ? QUESTION: How can I "edit" the SHEET TEMPLATE that Plan Production Tools is using (I have my own customiza
  22. i want to be able to create a something in a drawing template so that every time i open up the template a pop up will open to ask me to put in the drawing number, title, date etc. can anyone help?
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