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    Default plotting in modelspace - cuts off part of drawing (only in some drawings)

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    HI all,
    I'm trying to plot in model space and the printer is cutting off part of the drawing. I choose plot-->extents --> center the plot --> fit to paper. The x coord is always 0, however the y coord is always at .09280. I've tried adjusting the y to 0, and unchecking the plot, but the cutoff always happens. Keep in mind, this is in a handful of drawings. I've plotted to a different plotter (XEROX) and it works perfectly fine. I've switched the PLOTOFFSET variable and it makes the problem worse.

    My fear is this is a driver issue, Canon doesn't support this plotter anymore.

    Many thanks for any help.

    autocad map3d 2012, win7.

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    It sounds like hard clip limits you need to check the settings for the two different printers. If you have a outside border rectang and end up with a "L" thats clip limits. Put a "point" about .05 away from bottom left and top right pick those two points using window and fit, it should work now.
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