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Found 5 results

  1. Long timer user first time poster. I have an old survey that we don't have the raw data for anymore. There are levels associated (in text form) to the nodes we have created from LSS, however the nodes themselves are all 2D. Is there a way to tell those nodes to shift their Z value to the height in the text line? I'm used to using LISPs though I'm not much of a writer for them! Looking forward to your responses.
  2. Hi Everyone, We have browsed the forum looking for a Lisp Routine for creating Z values from point clouds. Lee Mac has came up with something which works well (great work Lee). Though we are looking to modify this to suit our workflow: Basically we want to pick a point and bring through the z value as text. (which the lisp below works fine) though not having the option to choose between x,y,z and only picking the z value every time would be beneficial. Having a fixed offset and text size too rather than having the option to choose Next we need the lisp to bring in some text for the selected level i.e creating text with the remark DL. Once we have one code for this lisp we can then alter this to bring in other remarks such as CL WHL CHL USB etc etc. Then we can customise each lisp with a button in CAD. One Last thing is the lisp below creates a Cross from two drawn lines. Does anyone know how to make this a separate entity like a Symbol/Block and change it so its square to the model space unlike the current cross If anyone can help with this it would be fantastic and heavily aid our workflow. The code below is as Lee Mac has posted (defun c:ptlab (/ Text _PromptWithDefault _Cross Pt pos) ;; Lee Mac ~ 30.03.10 (defun Text (pt hgt str) (entmakex (list (cons 0 "TEXT") (cons 10 pt) (cons 40 hgt) (cons 7 (getvar 'TEXTSTYLE)) (cons 1 str)))) (defun _PromptWithDefault (f arg d) (cond ((apply f arg)) (d))) (defun _Cross (p h / l) (setq l (sqrt (* 0.5 h h))) (mapcar (function (lambda (p1 p2) (entmakex (list (cons 0 "LINE") (cons 10 p1) (cons 11 p2))))) (list (polar p (/ pi 4.) l) (polar p (/ (* 3 pi) 4.) l)) (list (polar p (/ (* 5 pi) 4.) l) (polar p (/ (* 7 pi) 4.) l)))) (setq *Coord* (cond (*Coord*) ("Y")) *tHgt* (cond (*tHgt* ) ((getvar 'TEXTSIZE))) *thOff* (cond (*thOff*) (0.15)) *tvOff* (cond (*tvOff*) (0.15)) *cSze* (cond (*cSze* ) ((getvar 'TEXTSIZE)))) (setq pos '(("X" . 0) ("Y" . 0) ("Z" . 2))) (initget "X Y Z") (mapcar (function set) '(*Coord* *tHgt* *thOff* *tvOff* *cSze*) (mapcar (function _PromptWithDefault) '(getkword getdist getdist getdist getdist ) (list (list (strcat "\nSpecify Coord to Label [X/Y/Z] <" *Coord* "> : ")) (list (strcat "\nSpecify Text Height <" (rtos *tHgt*) "> : ")) (list (strcat "\nSpecify Horizontal Text Offset <" (rtos *thOff*) "> : ")) (list (strcat "\nSpecify Vertical Text Offset <" (rtos *tvOff*) "> : ")) (list (strcat "\nSpecify Cross Height <" (rtos *cSze*) "> : "))) (list *Coord* *tHgt* *thOff* *tvOff* *cSze*))) (while (setq pt (getpoint "\nPick Point to Label <Exit> : ")) (_Cross (setq pt (trans pt 1 0)) *cSze*) (Text (polar (polar pt 0. *thOff*) (/ pi 2.) *tvOff*) *tHgt* (rtos (nth (cdr (assoc *Coord* pos)) pt)))) (princ)) Thanks in Advance Mark
  3. Hi, Does anybody know a way of creating a block attribute that will reference the z value of a separate 3d model (topographical survey) at a given point? I know the z value of the block itself can be listed as a simple block attribute but I need the reference to check for the z value of an unlinked model which will be inserted/ x-reffed beneath the block. Any ideas? Thanks Al
  4. Hi all, I have surveyed some pipes below the ground and I need to represent these as 3d polylines in Autocad below a ground surface model. Is there a routine that will let me add a z value to each vertex along a 3d polyline line which references a 3d face/ground model above to give me a true z value directly below the ground level. Any Ideas???
  5. Could someone help point me in the right direction here? I want to filter a selection of polylines (contour lines) by their Z value (ie filter to get only 10' or 5' or 2' contours). I assume I need to test the Z value to see if it is a muliple of 10, 5 or 2, etc... Any hints on hhow to get this sarted? Thanks
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