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Found 3 results

  1. Dears, I am in need of any DLL or API (free / very low cost) to view the Autocad drawing file through my web-map application which was developed by using ASP.Net (C#). I got an opensource tool, that is Sharecad.org's iframe tool. But it requires the internet and public IP in the server to read our .dwg file. But my environment and requirements are viewing the dwg files without installing any Autocad software in intranet systems which are connected in LAN Network and read only option is enough with basic zoom in, zoom out and pan options. Seeking your suggestion and solution and it is more helpful to me. Thanks in Advance.
  2. Hi There, I have a floor plan and I want that plan to convert in the editable web page using Asp.Net. I have the following reference websites, please visit the sites below for better understanding of my requirements. http://floorplan.myworldofexpo.com/watm17/exhibitor/index.htm http://floorplan.myworldofexpo.com/imarc16/exhibitors/index.html http://floorplan.myworldofexpo.com/atca16/frontside/index.htm If any body can solve this please help me. How to do so, please let me know which libraries or tools I can use for this.? Thanks & Regards: Muzammil S Khan
  3. Hi All, I am a complete newbie for AutoCad and AutoCad.NET. I am stuck with a problem. I am asking the user to select a block reference which has three attribures namely LINEUP, BAY and HL. Then I am trying to create a copy of it. But the attributes LINEUP and BAY (Values of these) are not being copied. Can You please help me out with this issue. Original Block With Attributes : See Image OriginalBlockWithAttributes.png New Block Without Values of the Attributes : See Image NewBlockWithoutAttributes.png Here is the VB.NET Code : <CommandMethod("WithAttr2")> _ Public Sub WithAttr2() Dim doc As Document = Application.DocumentManager.MdiActiveDocument Dim ed As Editor = Application.DocumentManager.MdiActiveDocument.Editor Dim database As Database = ed.Document.Database Dim blockName As String Dim blockRef1 As BlockReference Dim options As PromptEntityOptions = New PromptEntityOptions("\nSelect block reference") options.SetRejectMessage("\nSelect only block reference") options.AddAllowedClass(GetType(BlockReference), False) Dim acSSPrompt As PromptEntityResult = ed.GetEntity(options) Using tx As Transaction = database.TransactionManager.StartTransaction() Dim blockRef As BlockReference = TryCast(tx.GetObject(acSSPrompt.ObjectId, OpenMode.ForRead), BlockReference) Dim block As BlockTableRecord = Nothing If (blockRef.IsDynamicBlock) Then 'get the real dynamic block name. block = TryCast(tx.GetObject(blockRef.DynamicBlockTableRecord, OpenMode.ForRead), BlockTableRecord) Else block = TryCast(tx.GetObject(blockRef.BlockTableRecord, OpenMode.ForRead), BlockTableRecord) End If If (block <> Nothing) Then Dim sfilter As New SelectionFilter(New TypedValue() {New TypedValue(CInt(DxfCode.Start), "INSERT"), New TypedValue(2, block.Name)}) Dim res As PromptSelectionResult = ed.SelectAll(sfilter) If res.Status = PromptStatus.OK Then 'display result MsgBox("---> Selected " & res.Value.Count & " objects", res.Value.Count) Dim Objectset As SelectionSet = res.Value For Each id As ObjectId In Objectset.GetObjectIds() blockRef1 = TryCast(tx.GetObject(id, OpenMode.ForRead), BlockReference) MsgBox(blockRef1.Name) blockName = blockRef1.Name 'Dim pt As New Point3d(0, 0, 0) 'ACADBlockMgr.InsertBlockWithAtt(blockRef1.Name, pt) Next End If End If tx.Commit() End Using Using trans As Transaction = database.TransactionManager.StartTransaction Dim blkTable As BlockTable = TryCast(database.BlockTableId.GetObject(OpenMode.ForRead), BlockTable) Dim blkRecId As ObjectId = blkTable(blockName) MsgBox(blkRecId.ToString()) If blkRecId <> ObjectId.Null Then Dim blkTableRecord As BlockTableRecord = trans.GetObject(blkRecId, OpenMode.ForRead) Using acBlkRef As New BlockReference(New Point3d(2, 2, 0), blkTableRecord.Id) Dim currentSpaceBlkTableRec As BlockTableRecord = trans.GetObject(database.CurrentSpaceId, OpenMode.ForWrite) currentSpaceBlkTableRec.AppendEntity(acBlkRef) trans.AddNewlyCreatedDBObject(acBlkRef, True) 'Check For Attributes If blkTableRecord.HasAttributeDefinitions Then 'Add attributes from Block Table Records For Each objId As ObjectId In blkTableRecord Dim dbObj As DBObject = trans.GetObject(objId, OpenMode.ForRead) If TypeOf dbObj Is AttributeDefinition Then Dim attrDef As AttributeDefinition = dbObj MsgBox(attrDef.Tag & " " & attrDef.TextString) If Not attrDef.Constant Then Using attRef As New AttributeReference attRef.SetAttributeFromBlock(attrDef, acBlkRef.BlockTransform) attRef.Position = attRef.Position.TransformBy(acBlkRef.BlockTransform) attRef.TextString = attrDef.TextString acBlkRef.AttributeCollection.AppendAttribute(attRef) trans.AddNewlyCreatedDBObject(attRef, True) End Using End If End If Next End If End Using End If trans.Commit() End Using End Sub What am I doing wrong here. Please let me know. Thanks in Advance, Abhilash D K
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