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Found 5 results

  1. Hello all, Is there a way to toggle off the VIEWBASE command viewport? When I am working in Paper Space and adding part balloons, notes, dimension, etc. the viewport created with VIEWBASE lights up whenever I hover over it to select something else. Usually I end up selecting the viewport instead my intended object laying over the top of it. Its distracting with a huge assembly. Thanks in advance with any advice. PG.
  2. I have pipes and equipment in modelspace. Walls and structural columns are XREFed in from another DWG. I want to create base + projected views in paperspace. However, the walls-and-columns drawing is 3 times the footprint of the stuff in THIS drawing: it would eat a lot of paper for no benefit. So I used XCLIP in modelspace to slice away the parts of the XREF I don't want. Then I used VIEWBASE over in paperspace. The whole (unclipped) XREF was created in the view. I know I can remove XREFs from the view with VIEWEDIT but I want to be able to measure off some of the walls; it's just that the walls are longer than I need (for this specific drawing). Does anyone have a silver-bullet solution to this? Otherwise I might be (1) going to Viewports instead or (2) slicing my building drawings into pieces. I am not too enthusiastic about either of those.
  3. Hi everyone! I just want to start by thanking you all, as most of the times I have an issue this forum is a great resource in which I find many answers without having to create a thread Since we use Acad 2014, some of my coworkers have started using viewbase style views. Since we have standards regarding lineweights, I've tried to find in vain a way to set the lineweight default values for the viewbase layers (MD_Annotation, MD_Hatching...) when CAD create them. Since i couldn't find any way to give them default values upon creation, my only option was to pre created on our templates all the layers generated by viewbase. The thing is that when someone purge a drawing prior to create the first viewbase, (which is 95% of the cases - designers make the design/3d model, purge, then the draftsman takes over the project to make the fab plans) the MD_ layers get deleted, and when they are generated again all the lineweights don't match our standards. From my perspective, I now have 2 options. 1- Beat the hell out of the designers whenever they purge the layers (which is not very nice..) 2- find a workaround (which I did, but I would need some help to achieve my goal since I'm not really acquainted with reactors) basically what I need is a reactor (in acaddoc.lsp i'd guess?) doing that: reactor@plot: verify if layers (MD_Annotation, MD_Hatching, MD_Hidden, MD_Visible) exist if not: resume plot if they do exist: check lineweight setting to ensure they match our standards (MD_visible = default, MD_hatching = .05mm, MD_hidden = .13mm, annotation=default) if true: plot if not: change values then plot If the MD_ layers do exist, i'm not sure if I should bother looking at their lineweight value to compare them with our standard, to change their value if they dont, or if I should directly set their lineweight value if the layers exist. Thanks in advance for your help Cheers, Jef!
  4. Has anyone experienced Viewbase views showing both the new modification AND the old one? I updated the model for a new bearing and the viewbase view now shows both the old allowance and the old one?!?! What's weird is that the solid is clearly the new profile, but viewbase shows both. (my solution is to deselect the solid, select another one, and then reselect the perpetrator solid. It works but it is clunky.)
  5. I am a big fan of the Viewbase functionality introduced in Autocad 2012, (which has subsequently been greatly improved in Autocad 2013) but was disappointed the first time I excitedly sent a Viewbase generated drawing to a coworker on an earlier version of Autocad, as she was unable to read it. I just figured out, that as long as recipients have downloaded the latest version of the free DWG True View software from Autodesk they will be able to read Viewbase images. I have erroneously warned in a number of posts on the forum that those without Autocad 2012 would be out of the loop, should they receive drawings generated with this functionality, due to the lack of retro-compatability. Fortunately, I was only half right, just make sure that all recipients have downloaded the latest free version of DWG True View, and all will be good in the 'hood. Now that Autocad 2013 has been released, bear in mind that the default file format is new for 2013, and that earlier versions will not be able to open files which have not been saved to earlier compatible file types. DWG True View 2013 will enable, as previously stated regarding DWG True View 2012 recipients to open and read drawings in file type 2013. If you receive such files without Autocad 2013, you can open them in DWG True View 2013. Should you want to you can then save them to another earlier file type, although the VIEWBASE functionality will not survive the transition to the earlier version.
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