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Hollow Dimension tick marks and lines


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Hi All,


This is a wierd one.... In my LM plan - I dimension everything and all my tick marks and lines look fine. When I X-ref the plan to a sheet set all of the dimension tick marks become hollow. It also did this when I assigned a thickness to a line weight. My lt scales and psltscales are set appropriately. I flattened the drawing to check that too.

I looked but I can't figure it out.

I also, tried setting up a whole new file, and that didn't work either.

Am I missing something? Can someone help me.

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I would have to assume that the drawing file you are xrefing to has different settings. Check your settings in the current drawing as they become the default.

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I just set up a whole new drawing with everything new and xref'd. I also flattened everything once again.

So the two new files have the same settings. Even when someone else opens the drawing it is still doing the outline of the dim line.

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I figured it out.


Apparently, the ucs was set differently in the xref than it was in the sheet layout.

So. Once I fixed that, I had to redraw all the dim lines. Tedious but it worked.


Thanks for all of your suggestions.

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I am glad you figured that one out. A tough one at that. It was kinda hard for me to understand since I did not see the drawing, But great job. I will have to remember that one.

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same situation on mine but i fixed it. i also tried fillmode and ucs scale on xref and layout but it doesn't work


what i did was, since the problem was  all about dimensions and other anotations getting hollowed, misplaced or hidden behind mv, i went to DIMSTYLE>MODIFY>FIT> use overall scale set to 100> apply> regen> try to save and close then reopen your file again.


also try to check if your ucs was in the World.

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