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Zoom Realtime with Scroll Mouse just stops working

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I like the Zoom Realtime with the mouse wheel.


I am using AutoCAD 2008 Civil.


When I use random commands like switching from Model Space to Paper Space, the realtime zoom option does not work anymore, even if I switch back to Model Space.


When I use the wheel after the glitch, it scrolls up the drawing like I am looking at a website page.


If I SAVE, then EXIT the drawing, then OPEN it again, everything works fine... for about 6 minutes. Then some random command will glitch it out again.


Any suggestions? Thanks.

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Glen Smith

When I first started at my current job, the machine they gave me had a program called "Flywheel" loaded. Apparently it is used to give mouse wheel scroll support to programs that aren't smart enough to do it natively. (Lotus Notes in our application.) It took me a while to figure out why the zoom behaved so strangly - and longer still to get admin privy's so I could uninstall rather than having to kill the process after it loaded.


Have you installed any third party mouse drivers - or even updated your mouse drivers recently?


Good luck.


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