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Lee Mac

Dynamic Information Tool

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Lee Mac

Dynamic Information Tool


This program enables a user to quickly obtain important information about any object upon moving the cursor over that object.


There are two modes of use:


  • Standard Mode


  • Layer Isolation Mode

The mode in which the program is running can be determined by the icon next to cursor, when the cursor is in empty space. This mode can be changed by pressing the TAB key whilst running the program.


Furthermore, the size of the program cursor can be altered by either pressing "+" or "-" whilst running the program.


When the cursor is moved over an object in the drawing, the cursor will recognise the object and turn red. Relevant information about the object will be displayed next to the cursor:







Layer Isolation Mode


Upon pressing TAB the user can switch to Layer Isolation Mode, in which "LAYISO" will be displayed next to the cursor.


In this mode, important information is still displayed next to the cursor upon moving over an object, but the user has the ability to isolate the layer of the object upon clicking on the object.


All the layers can be turned back on by Shift-Clicking anywhere in the drawing.


Program Restrictions:

This program requires EXPRESS TOOLS for full functionality.


This program requires the ability to use Visual LISP methods.



-- This program is Available Free to Download --


Instructions for Running:


  • Save the attached LISP file in any desired location.


  • Open AutoCAD and go to Tools > Load Application. (Alternatively, type "_appload" at the command line).


  • Load the LISP file and close the Load Application Dialog.


  • Type "DINFO" at the command line to invoke the program.


  • Further Instructions may be found here.




As always, your comments and suggestions are welcome, you can either PM me directly, or reply to the original thread.







Code Available here

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