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Comments on the FAQ.

Guest Alan Cullen

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Guest Alan Cullen

Everyone, just a little bit about comments posted on the FAQ. This has not been discussed before, so I wish to take this opportunity to clarify the situation with posting comments on the FAQ.


Anyone can post comments on any article in the FAQ. Those comments have to be approved before they can be viewed by anyone. Call it a method of moderation on comments. If any member of the FAQ team approves those comments, they will then become visible to the commentor and all other viewers.


Tiger and I have just spent a lot of time sorting this issue out. All comments will be addressed within about a week, compliments of Tiger. So all commentors will at least know their comments are being acted on.


I hope this clarifies the issue for everyone.


P.S. please add your name to comments, otherwise they will not be taken seriously.

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Guest Alan Cullen

Further to the above issue.


The comments area of the FAQ is basically for ommisions / corrections / additions to the specific FAQ. It is not an area for questions to be asked.


Unfortunately, the FAQ is not a forum area, we basically cannot answer questions there. If the FAQ brings up a question you require an answer to, please refer that question to the general forum area.


The situation with the FAQ area precludes us from answering any question. Also you will get a much better response in the general forum area to your question. We will evaluate that response and act on it accordingly, to determine the importance or otherwise of inclusion of that response within the specific FAQ.

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AutoCad 2010

If you have a question it would be best if....


1) You fully write it out and provide as much detail as possible.


2) You post it in the proper forum.


You have done neither. Please try again.

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