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Plot PDF layout name


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This has probably been answered many times before, but i couldnt seem to find any old threads on it.


As we all know when u publish a pdf the layout name & drawing file name is automatically inserted into the file name for the pdf ur about to create. Is there a way of controlling this? ie i only want the file name n not the layout name as well,


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Nah im not taking about a plot stamp, i meen the actual file name.

Example: if i was to plot a PDF the "Save PDF File As" dialog box would pop up n automatically a file name would be inserted with the drawing name and layout name like: floorplan layout 1.pdf, and i only want floorplan.pdf no the layout name as well.


Found a few old threads on the same topic with no real answers except that its probably the drivers im using that set this up and it cant be change through autocad, guess ill just have to deal with.

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There are some old threads on it, but no solution except to use another PDF plotter that may give a rename option or manually change it.

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I always just change the name of the layout prior to saving it when the box comes up but it is pretty annoying.

There might be some kind of add-on for autocad that will auto-name the file output based on what you want but I'm not sure. I usually have used DWG to PDF in the past but there are other PDF plotters out there which may have that feature. I've just never messed with it really.


I tried looking under options but didn't find anything under plot and publish settings or anything else really. When you try to configure the plot settings for "DWG to PDF" or the "PDF eplot" nothing regarding the name of the outputted files is optional.

(PDF eplot is not there by default by the way. You have to add it with the plotter wizard. not that it helped anyway lol).


The only thing I found under the help menu was "Set Options for Plotted Objects" but there isn't anything there regarding file-name output.



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Lots of old threads heres a start


; plotpdf2 ver 2 with filename and directory as output oct 2011
(setvar "cmddia" 0)
(setvar "filedia" 0)
(setq doc (vla-get-activedocument (vlax-get-acad-object)))
(vlax-for lay (vla-get-Layouts doc)
 (setq plotabs (cons (vla-get-name lay) plotabs))
(setq plottablist (acad_strlsort plotabs))
(setq len (length plottablist))
(setq x 0)
(repeat len
 (setq name (nth x plottablist))
 (princ name)
(setq dwgname (strcat (getvar "dwgprefix")(getvar "dwgname" "-" name))) 
;(setq dwgname (strcat "C:/temp/alan-" name))
 (if (/= name "Model")
     (setvar "ctab" name)
     (COMMAND "-PLOT"  "Y"  "" "dwg to Pdf"
       "Iso full bleed A3 (420.00 x 297.00 MM)" "m"    "LANDSCAPE"  "N"   "W"  "-6,-6"    "807,560" "1=2"  "C"
       "y"   "Designlasercolour.ctb" "Y" "n"    "n"    "y"   dwgName "N" "y"      )
 (setq x (+ x 1))
(setvar "cmddia" 1)
(setvar "filedia" 1)

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