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remove unknown SHX files

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When i load thirdparty drawings or DWG files exported from DGN most of the times the DWG loads and ask a few times to load some SHX shape files.


Is there an way to delete those files from the drawing so that it just loads?


We never use those SHX files, and i personally find it a very anoying msg. With a couple of different xrefs there is sometimes up to 6 of those boxes which i just select 'cancel' since i don't have those files.

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(defun C:RSHX ()
 (vlax-for item
          (vla-get-ActiveDocument (vlax-get-acad-object))
   (vl-filename-extension (setq fname (vla-get-fontfile item)))
      (setq fname (strcat fname ".shx"))
   (cond ((findfile fname) nil)
     ((findfile (strcat (getenv "WINDIR") "\\FONTS\\" fname))
      (vla-put-fontfile item "ltypeshp.shx")
      (princ "\nChange ")
      (princ fname)
      (princ " on ltypeshp.shx")
(princ "\nRSHX , purge unreferenced shape files")

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Over a year after your post I came across and used your little lisp routine for removing those pesky .SHX files and it worked like a charm. You get a big atta boy from me! Nothing else I tried worked; not SUPERPURGE; not deleting the reference; nothing worked. But your lisp routine did. Thanks!!!

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