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skylight and Mental Ray


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Hey all

am using Max 10 and am quite happy with the soft lighting effect I am getting with the SKYLIGHT (combined with Mental Ray) but I have a few areas in the rendering where I want to add some extra lights. I have tried adding a couple of MR lights but they dont seem to have any effect. I am wondering if you can use additional lights with the skylight system?

Thanks - it's taking me a while to get a handle on this lighting - there are sooo many options!

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it's actually the Day light system I have been trying to use . I like the effect of the skylight alone (turn off the sun) It is a soft lighting effect but I have wanted to add a little extra light at times - But this does not work. You can add as many lights as you like and the lighting will remain the same. Oh well. If anyone knows of an easy way to get a nice soft lighting effect other than using the sky light please pass your info on.

Many thanks!!

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