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Do you dimension in Model Space or Paper Space?  

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  1. 1. Do you dimension in Model Space or Paper Space?

    • Model Space
    • Paper Space
    • I have no idea what you are talking about

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Creating different layers and turning off certain one ins certain viewports is really handy, and now you can even change the color of layers in viewports and that wont effect the actual layer color in model space. I have used that a few times and its handy.

I agree that this is very handy. Seeing that you dimension in model space, you should look a little more into annotation scaling (you mentioned that you haven't done so yet). It isn't actually that difficult and once you see it working properly, it becomes very clear. Again, for previous versions (pervious to '08, I think) you had to create different layers and different DIMSTYLES to ensure your dimensions plot correctly, if you were taking different views of the same object at different scales. Now, with annotation scaling, you don't have to do this anymore. So in your example, if you go a step futher and create a new layout and show your layout (the one with the dimesions for example) at a different scale, you don't have to create a new layer for the new scale and then freeze the orginal dimension layer. Provided the annotation scales are done correctly, you can just apply the new scale to the viewport and your annotative dimensions will show at that scale. It's a good, no great, concept - and it works!!! :)

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Yea, i need to learn how those annotive dims work.

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