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Align Text to Curve

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Lee Mac

Align Text to Curve


This program will enable the user to easily align DText, MText or Attributes to a curve, with intuitive placement controls.


The program should work in all versions of AutoCAD that have Visual LISP functions available (AutoCAD 2000 onwards). Text can be aligned to the majority of drawing objects, and is automatically rotated to always be the correct reading orientation.


Upon invoking the program, the user can either specify a new text string, or select existing text or attribute objects. After selecting a curve, the program offers several controls to aid with text placement, these are displayed at the command line.


Text can either be aligned parallel or perpendicular to the selected curve, and perpendicularity can be toggled using 'P'. Offset from the curve can be controlled using the +/- keys, or a manual offset may be specified by pressing 'O'. For MText objects, a background mask may also be toggled using 'B'.

-- This program is available Free to Download --



Instructions for Running:

  • Save the attached LISP files.


  • Open AutoCAD and type appload at the command line, or alternatively, go to Tools > Load Application.


  • Load the LISP files as previously saved, and add the files to your start-up suite or ACADDOC.lsp if desired.


  • Type either CurveAlignedText or CAT at the command line to invoke the command.


  • For more info, see here.

Thank you for your time and interest in this program.


Your comments and suggestions are welcome. Either PM me directly, or post a reply to the original thread.






Code available here.

Edited by Lee Mac
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