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multiple dynamic constraints in a dynamic block

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Hello everyone,


I am trieing to update our current AutoCAD library using the new 2010 dynamic block constraints. But i have a problem. I want to have one length parameter, but i want the grip points on different locations dependant on the visibility.


I attached the current dynamic block of a steel HEA profile where I have the Lengte_baz and Lengte_vaz as parameters; but i want them to be the same. so that when you change on of them the other will change aswell and vise versa.


Is there a way of doing this??


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Hi Huibert,

The way that I would link the 2 together is by removing one of the length dimensions and making the other visible in the other visible states. Here is what i did; I created a parameter called length. I deleted the lengte_baz dimension and then created a new dimension in its place. in your parameters palatte; on the newly created dimension in the expression box enter "length" to connect it to the new parameter, then in the length parameter that you created, in the expression box enter in "Lengte_zaz" to link it to the main length dimension.


this way when you go to change the length the arrow will always be to the right to change the length but it will tie it all together.


Let me know if this works for you.




hea-with linked parameter.dwg

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