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3d Line Lisp Needed

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Hello, I need a LISP routine that will allow me to draw a line with a “Z” coordinate. I would like to click on a spot in current x,y plain and then be prompted to enter a “Z” or ELEVATION for the start of the line and then click on the end of the line and be prompted again to enter the “Z” coordinate. The end of this line will be the beginning of the next line and then continue picking and entering “Z” coordinates to form a series of 3D lines each having the same “Z” coordinate at their intersections. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you!

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Rather than LISPing, you could just use your .xy filter.

After hitting the Line command, type ".xy" enter, pick x & y location...you'll then be prompted for z, type & enter your elevation and your line will be up where you want it.

If you already have an entity in your dwg at your desired z, you can pick on it with a "near" snap rather than typing the value in your command line.

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