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AutoCAD Vertical Product Forums - How to use


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The AutoCAD vertical product forums are intended for questions, comments or tips and tricks that are specific to one or more of the vertical products. For example, a question about survey data or grading should be posted in the AutoCAD Civil 3D forum. Whereas, a question about dynamic blocks should be posted in the AutoCAD Drawing Management forum, even if you are using Civil 3D. Following this simple logic will help to keep the forums neat and will enable others to more easily find what they are looking for.

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Since the 2013 products started a new file format, there are a few steps needed to get a user on an earlier version to be able to see vertical specific objects. The steps to do this are below.


1) Open the file in its native program. So if the obejcts are ACA 2013 objects, then open the DWG in that program.

2) Set the PROXYGRAPHICS variable to 1.

3) Do a SAVEAS, and make sure to choose 2010 as the file format to save it in.


If a user using Core AutoCAD 2012 then opens that file, the objects will show up correctly.

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It is usually customary to wait until someone asks a specific question before proceeding to answer it. What prompted you to respond with the above and why reference 2013 when 2016 is the most recent release?

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