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How do I make a post?


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How do I make a post?


Usually, the first thing a new forum member will want to do is create a new thread and ask a question. However, you may find that the answer to your question already exists, so before starting a new thread, search the forum[/url]. If you can't find an answer in either of those places, create a new thread. Follow these guidelines for the best results.


What to do

1. Look at all the forums on the forum homepage and decide which one is most appropriate for your question. Click the forum title to go to the forum view page.




2. On the forum view page, click on the "New Thread" button. This will take you to the new thread page and the WYSIWYG editor.




3. Add a descriptive thread title so that others can immediately see what your question is about.


4. Describe your problem as clearly as you can, giving all the information someone might need in order to successfully answer it.


5. Add one or more tags. These are keywords that describe the topic of the thread and will help other people find this information in the future.


6. Check your text for accuracy and typos and then click the "Submit New Thread" button.




Your new thread will appear at the top of the list on the forum view page and on the forum homepage while it is the most recent post in that particular forum.


Tips to ensure the best response

You can improve your success rate in getting good answers to your questions dramatically by following a few simple guidelines.


1. Think carefully about which forum is most appropriate for your question. Experts in particular areas may only look at forums that interest them and your post may be missed if it's in the wrong forum.


2. Do not post your question in more than one forum. Cross-posting annoys forum members and you are more than likely to be ignored. It is also very confusing for everyone concerned. If a forum moderator thinks your thread would do better in a different forum, it will be moved. Cross-posting is likely to result in all your duplicate threads being deleted.


3. Make your thread title as descriptive and concise as possible. Do not use titles like "Help please!!". You're unlikely to get a response.


4. Give as much information as you can when phrasing your question. Make sure you mention which particular version of the software you are using if it is not already clear from your user profile. Describe exactly what you are trying to do and why (there may be a better solution) or explain exactly what you were doing when the problem occurred.


5. You will not be allowed to make posts that include more than one link until you have made 10 posts or more in the technical forums. This measure is to prevent spam on the forum. If your posts contains more than one link and your post count is less than 10, your post will be sent to the moderation queue where it will stay until a moderator checks it.



You can add images to your posts in order to illustrate the problem you're having. See this thread for details.

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