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Profiles not showing up???


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When I pull a profile from either a line (quick profile)

or creating an alignment and then creating a profile from surface

I go to click where to place the profile and I get nothing?

All my layers are turned on.

I know that the surface exists.

My profile is withen my boundary.

I have many other profiles already in the dwg.

Is there a setting possibly that limits the amount of profiles that are



Thank you for any help you can provide, this one is causing grey hairs!

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Thanks Spittle - but I am in 2010 and dont have that option.

At least not that I can find? I looked at the profile styles and there is nothing there. I beleive its probably some weird setting since the drawing crashed

and now the profiles dont show up.

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I found the profiles.

It is placing them roughly 2000 + feet away from where I specify on screen where they should be placed.

Anyone know of a variable to control this?:?

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So it turned out it was as simple as turning my UCS back to World!

(I think I may start leaving my UCS icon on from now on):D

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  • 9 years later...

I cannot view the surfaces from wgich to add or select when creating a profile for existing ground. Help please.

(P.s had created an alignment already and it shows the alignment  but cannot show any surfaces)

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Just to eliminate the obvious, have you created the surface? Are you sure the surface and the alignment are in the same place? You can verify the extents of your surfaces in the Prospector.


As always, the more information you can give us, the better we can help you.

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