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How do u combine/split Hatches?


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The main reason i used the hatch command is to get an defined Area.


For instance if i have 17 hatched squares of different shapes and sizes and i want a total area. i can either


1. hatch every square on the one hatch command hence giving me one hatch, ie this would give me one snap point to check all 17 squares.


2. Hatch every 17 square individually and have 17 snap points. However to select the cumulative area you need select every 17 square snap points and have the property window open


Now what i want to do....,


Just say i have an existing drawing that needs editing,


8 of the squares have now changed to a new material, hence a new area under is needed. hence i need 1 hatch for the 8 areas.


now my question is, is it possible to split an existing hatch rather than deleting and re- hatching?


or is the opposite true can you combine two existing hatches into one?

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