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Sketchup Units


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Hello everybody'


In sketchup the default units are in feet.its' very difficult to draw the things in feet for me.how can i directly give the dimensions in Millimetres. please advise.


Thank you.



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Hello sir thanks a lot.


Now these days i am trying to learn Sketchup.it's very cool soft.......


I am collecting the video tutorials. i know that it vill take time,but it's very interesting...


Sir if you have any advise please.....


Regards :)

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I cannot advise you regarding SketchUp as I only dabbled in it myself. Are you using the free version or the Pro version? No matter which one I would suggest buying the book Google SketchUp by Bonnie Roskers, P.E. It is actually a two volume set consisting of Basic and Advanced Tutorials. It also covers the Windows and Mac OSX. I've got version 6 on my shelf. Unfortunately I've been too preoccupied to really delve into it. By the way, the books cover both the free and Pro versions of the software.

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Sir thanks for your replay,


I am using free version. i will buy a book.i think that's better.


Sir once again , thanks a lot.



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Hello Mr.boofredlay thanks for your replay.


I am a autocad user , i saw some video tutorials regarding importing cad files to sketchup.i am so much impressed in sketch up,can u advise me some sites/tutorials regarding cad files to sketchups.thank you.



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Well Shibu, I usually bring my cleaned up flooplan and elevation into SketchUp and then put each one on it's own layer. I then the elvations up around the plan so I have them as my reference images.

Like this....



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