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Blocks losing parameters and actions when scaled


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I like to keep commonly used blocks in my layout of the title block so I can simply Ctrl+shift+copy, then put the ones I need in model space and scale as needed. However, often when I paste the block in model space it will paste just fine, but when I scale it, my visibily and move parameters and actions no longer work and I'm simply left with a block with a basepoint, which isn't very useful.


Does anyone know why this is happening and how to fix it? I'm using AutoCAD 2007.


EDIT: If I go into the block editor the parameters and actions are still there. They just won't show up in model space.


EDIT again: Apparently this only happens when I use the scale command. If I go into the block properties and change the scale of the block itself, it's fine. I'll just use that method, though if someone wants to post a solution anyway go for it.

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I know this post is kinda old but here it goes anyways. I noticed in autocad 2006 that if all three scale factors are not identical the parameters will not be available. Go into the properties for the block and change it and the parameters will re-appear.

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