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Lets see how much trouble I can get in.


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I decided to take the plunge and learn Revit Architecture. My shiny new book Mastering Revit Architecture 2010 just got here this eve, and I will start playing around with it more starting this weekend. So far I have read the first chapter in regards to what "BIM" is and I have to agree that it has to be the #1 BEST description of it that I have read.


Autocad Architecture is still my baby, but I am stoked about adding another Architectural program feather in my cap.

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Best of luck to you I have taken a few classes and really enjoy using Revit.


I have a student version installed at home, and have played with it a bit. It does seem to be very polished at first glance. Lets see what I find when I dig into the meat of the program :)

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I too am taking the plunge. I just bought myself a copy of Revit Architecture 2010: No Experience Required. Seems to be pretty straighforward so far.


I have not had time to crack open my book to start working on learning this thing. Been having to do some rendering and what not at home the past few nights to get ready for a home tour here. Hopefully next week I will start diggin in. I cant wait.

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Best of luck guys.

Word of warning though, It is a very steep learning curve. Be prepared for a large amount of frustration but stick with it. it really is worth it in the end.

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