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[2007] Fatal error on opening layer list and layer isolate

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Hello there,


I have Autocad 2007 and get fatal error on opening the layer list (not the drop down menu, the windowed one). I also get the error on using the layer isolate function.


Is this a known issue (searching the forum didn't help) ? What should i do?



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for the layer listing it is

"Unhandled access violation writing 0x64883cc exception at 64883cch"


for the layer isolate it is


"Unhandled access violation writing 0x9e60b6c exception at 9e60b6ch"


those looks like memory addresses, as they keep changing.

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yepp, i tried several times to uninstall & reinstall the whole thing, didn't help (i also deleted all the remaining stuff in documents&settings\ and program files\common files\, no way).


This is also quite strange as it happens on one machine only (btw i have no defective RAM or high temperatures or any other hw issue, already checked).

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Have you tried downloading the lastest patch from the website?


This site won't let me paste a link but if you go on autodesk website and click on support.



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I encountered this problem today. Called our IT guy. He had me go into windows explorer C:/Windows/Temp. He then had me "select all" and delete. Just hit the skip button on the files it tells you it cannot delete. Started AutoCad back up with no restart. Problem solved in less than two minutes!

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I fixed this issue by going into options (OP) and then to the profile tab.


Change the name of your current configuration, to something like "Tonebone" Profile


Click on add to list, name it something like NEW.


Then click on NEW, hit Reset button on right.


The layer dialog box should open now. Go back into options and profile and set "Tonebone" back to current.


That should do the trick.

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