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Creating custom walls types

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I am trying to put in a stucco wall in a project. I cannot find stucco as a default wall type or in the wall structure element (edit structure) area. If any one could help to make a custom stucco wall type it would be greatly appreciated


Thank you

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The stucco will be defined more as a finish to the wall rather than the wall itself.

There are a couple of ways to do this.

First way.

1)Add a finish layer to your existing wall, select the material column in the "edit assembly" dialogue.

2) Ok so now what you need to do is create a new finish.

Bottom left is the duplicate Revit material button (looks like two sheets of paper overlapping) Click that. It iwll duplicate whatever finish was highlighted. Name it Stucco.

3) Now what you need to do is give it a surface pattern and a cut fill pattern and a render appearance (there are several default stucco finishes in the render appearance)

4) Highlight the newly created Stucco material and click apply.

Because we are working in the "Sticco" layer to the wall it will assign this finish to the stucco layer.

Keep in mind the type of pattern you use. Model patterns show in all views, drafting patterns will not show in a 3d view. Modle pattens can be alligned to objects, draftng patterns can not.


Second way, make a new wall type for just the stucco.

1)Duplicate an existing wall and rename it Stucco.

2)Make it the appropriate width for your finish.

3)Follow the proceedure above to apply the right patterns.

4)Create this stucco wall along the face of teh wall in the model that is to have stucco finish. (basically one wall in front of the other) To get the openings to cut, join the stucco wall to the first wall and teh openings will cut both.


Hope this helps

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