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CADmep Pipework Insulation


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(CADmep, formally cadduct)


We have modelled up the entire job, but have now been asked to render some work off it and do a video etc, however, this will look better with the insulation showing, is there a way to switch the insulation on globally, or am I resigned to changing the properties of every single pipe and fitting?


Please Help.



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Is this a function of CAD-Mep?? If it is then if someone can't help you then you should have support through CAD-Mep reseller right??


I know about CAD-Mep and it's capabilities but I have never actually used it myself.

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the problem IS that the resellers don't know near enough about the product(s) they sell. We took an MEP class (3-4 days) and actually asked for our money back because they just could not answer our questions as they don't USE the product every day. They just hit the high spots (like the tutorials do)


I just got the "mastering MEP" book yesterday which I can't wait to dive into

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