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I cannot post


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I submitted 2 messages on Solid Modelling & Rendering and none of them appeared.

It looks like I do not have any other posting problem but why there I cannot post messeges and here everything goes well?


I do not know where my 2 messages are but I choosed the right section.

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:wink: That happens when you try to get tanned at the bulb light like I did- however, today is another day and still cannot find my posts.


On my screen, and only for few sections 2- 3 or so, I experienced that even I read the posts they still shows as unread next time I loggin and no new messeges are post it.

For the last 2 weeks I cannot see anything new posted on Solids&Rendering, Begginer Area.

I posted yesterday 2 times on Solids&R. and they are not visible to me.


Basically, I cannot find them. :roll: ( and no more bulb- tanning today for me and wishful thinking- I would love some raysun now).

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Hmm, strange. It all looks fine to me. Could be a cache problem. Try deleting all files in your browser cache and see what happens. Also, if you can - try looking at the forum on a different PC.

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I'm new to this forum and whilst I've had no problem posting a thread on the newbie introduction section of the forum, when I come to post a thread about an Inventor issue, in the Inventor section, I can't get my post to upload, it just vanishes. The post I created included a couple of jpegs showing my inventor problem but the thread simply won't post, and this is confirmed in my profile area because that only shows my introduction post as having been posted. funny thing is, is that when I clicked on 'post thread' a message comes up saying duplication, but that can't be so. As a newbie, am I not allowed to include a jpeg? Is this the problem? If so it makes it hard to demonstrate my Inventor problem.

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am I not allowed to include a jpeg? Is this the problem? If so it makes it hard to demonstrate my Inventor problem.


The problem is most likely due to the attachments you included in your post. When you posted your question, you should have received a message stating that your thread needed to be approved by a moderator.


You should be able to include images in your posts, even as a newbie, but it may depend on what method you used to insert the images. Next time try this: http://www.cadtutor.net/forum/showthread.php?95160-How-to-upload-files-to-the-forum


I have approved your thread and you should be able to see it in the Inventor forum now.

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