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I want to change a alreday table (.dwg) to an data table (.dxe) to this way export that table to a CSV file to can worked in Excell Office

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Your first response to any AutoCAD related question should be to consult Help. Anyways, try this:


To export a table

  1. At the Command prompt, enter tableexport.
  2. Select the table that you want to export. A standard file selection dialog box is displayed.
  3. Enter a file name and select a location for the file. Table data is exported in the comma-separated (CSV) file format. All table and text formatting is lost.

This comes directly from the AutoCAD Help file. I found it using a keyword search (tables) from the Index tab. It was under the topic exporting.

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thanks ReMark for your answer, but I didn't work because I have a drawing similar a table and that table I wanted to convert in table format (as I know .dxe) becuase command tableexport request a table, let me know how I can send you the file that I have and I want to change to .dxe


thanks again and regards,

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Go here and search for Maketable.lsp by Tony Hotchkiss


I just tried it for the first time and it didn't work properly... it made the table but didn't carry over the text; Error: ActiveX Server returned an error: Parameter not optional. Maybe it's a C3D thing.


Has anyone else tried this?

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