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OLE Object insertion problems


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Well, I am trying to insert images into an autocad drawing using OLE. I need to insert the image as an OLE because I am archiving the drawings and cannot have separate files along with the .dwg.


My problem:


I am inserting the image into Microsoft Word then into AutoCAD(seems to work better that way) I can get the image to show fine with full capabilities to it with no problem. I save the drawing, close and reopen and the OLE image is a blank white rectangle. I can right click and open and see the image fine. I also noticed that when I try and copy the OLE, before I reopen, its copy is also blank.


I have had many other problems with OLEs but this is the one giving me the head ache. If anyone knows please help ASAP.

Thanks :D

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I think I found the solution. Can anyone confirm that this is the reason?


OLE's have a size limit. If I am trying to insert an image over 2mb as an OLE it will not work properly. Or if I have over 4mb combined on multiple OLEs it will not plot correctly.

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Still did not work, I've tried copying and pasting through paint, adobe, windows photo viewer. Also tried by going to the insert menu, Insert OLE obeject. I'm running on windows 7, 64 bit operating system. tried it with Autocad 2009 and 2012.

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I've been struggling with this for a while but just found a solution for myself. 


I use Bluebeam PDF viewer and needed the ability to snip a whole page "ctrl+alt+c" but it would show as a white box in AutoCad. 


I changed the setting in Bluebeam for "Snapshot Resolution" from its default (96) to 72 and now my snips are just good enough to be readable in AutoCad.

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